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  • The best PUA Instructor in 2012 – Viewer’s Choice

    By on October 28, 2012

    Hey guys. Can I get a quick opinion on something? I’ve only got a minute and have to get back to my friends. Here goes:

    It is that time of the year again. We need your picks of the best dating coaches of 2012. This year, we’re doing things a bit differently, yet still the same.

    We are looking for nominations for the best teacher – the guy who is not only good at picking up women, but teaching it to others. Think about the people that has influenced you and helped you get to that next level of your game the most. Maybe it was through a YouTube video, or he (or she) has kindly taken the time to reply to your questions on a forum or via email. A good coach in this game is not only a good player, but also a great teacher, able to motivate and say the things that the student needs to hear in order to reach his innate potential.

    top 10 puas

    Have a look at the previous years nominations, and add your opinion of the best pua instructors in the comments below!

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    • I’ll start. This year, I owe thanks to:

      1) DJ Fuji – for always replying to emails and adding tons of value via his private coaching forum on all types of game mechanics.

      2) Owen Cook for putting out SICK RSD videos that helped me tremendously on getting to the next level of game and way hotter girls

      3) Sean Stephenson for super inspiring talks and defeating obvious and now “stupid” limiting beliefs

    • Avatar $ex

      Almost similar to mine

      1. Psych/Jared (Instructor for Dj Fuji)
      2. Dj Fuji
      3. Tylder Duren

    • Avatar George

      David Deangelo

    • Avatar George

      I almost forgot some specificity, his ebook Double Your Dating. A 1/3 I knew, a 1/3 I was a bit skeptical of and a 1/3 was a Matrix type mind expander. Well worth it.

    • Avatar Legend—

      Discovery from Venusian Arts — His “Openers, Routines and Gambits Workshop” is a must, if you ever see it offered again do not hesitate to take it.

      Arash Dibazar — The live lectures. Also available on YouTube or his Pack program.

      Swinggcat — Scientific, very good programs.

    • Avatar Brendan

      Sasha Daygame
      James Marshall
      Gareth Jones

    • Avatar LeBlanc

      Honestly. I believe Mystery and Style should be on each years Top 5. Only because they are the ones who made Pick-Up big. Lots of stuff is still based on the mindset of Mystery

      • I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Are legends legends forever? At what point do they keep doing what they do? Or do they retire and call it a day / life? I feel like Mystery did it big but then let down a lot of people by the mismanagement of the business side of things – he could have changed the world of dating in a major way and I feel like that opportunity was lost

    • Avatar Jerry

      1.Tyler Durden
      2. Julian (RSD)
      3 Brad P
      4 Kino 5000
      5 Artisan
      6 Asian Playboy JT
      7 Adam Lyons
      8 Richard La Ruina

    • Avatar David

      Adam Lyons

    • Avatar Ole Petter

      Adam Lyons for sure! He helped me into the path of natural game a lot. On simply being a better man, not just regarding girls.

    • Avatar Dr. Ace

      1. Arash Dibazar
      2. Tom Torero
      3. Jon Matrix
      4. Brent Smith
      5. Morten Haugum Hake
      6. Roosh V.
      7. Sasha Daygame
      8. Owen Cook
      9. Adam Lyons
      10. Beckster

    • Avatar Garrett

      David Deangelo!

    • Avatar Simon Templar


    • Avatar Albert Aparicio

      1. Mario Luna
      2. Mystery
      3. África Bos
      4. Ray Havana
      5. Lovedrop
      6. Matador
      7. J-Dog
      8. Ángel Daro
      9. Pol Casanovas
      10. Héctor Latorre

      • Avatar DobleA

        or god! not enter that shit ‘Seduction Science’ (Seduccion Cientifica)

    • Avatar smooth

      Jon SInn gets my vote for #1

    • Avatar Roger

      Paul Janka
      I’ve gotten a lot from these guys.

    • Avatar JAYJAY

      1. AFC Adam Lyons
      2. Sasha DayGame
      3. Dj Fuji
      4. Jared Psych
      5. Jonathan Manwhore

    • Avatar AutoDidact

      1. Mystery
      2. Style
      3. Kezia Noble
      4. Arash Dibazar

    • Avatar Mircea

      1. Alan Roger Currie (Mode One)

      2. David X

      3. Gambler (Richard LaRuina)

    • Avatar Dwayne

      1. Arash Dibazar
      2. Joshua Pellicer
      3. Bobby Rio

    • Avatar David X

      Johnny Soporno, Arash Dibazar, Kino 5000, Miami PUA,

    • Avatar Miami Vice

      Kino 5000
      Johnny Soporno
      Miami PUA of Obsession Systems
      Arash Dibazar

    • Avatar J the Ripper

      Kino 5000
      Arash/Seductive Instinct
      Obsession Systems Miami PUA

    • 1. Style
      2. Don Diego Garcia
      3. Juggler
      4. AFC Adam Lyons
      5. David Deangelo
      7. Mr.M (LOVE SYSTEMS)
      8. Dubbsy (LOVE SYSTEMS)

      These are the three people who helped me the most within 2012.

      Style, actually he did quite a lot this year.. As I’m a student of Stylelife and a member of his AMG elite group, he’s currently making a mentorship plan for his students and had invited lots of gurus to teach us online, and even meet-up for few times a year. He wrote books, send us the books we need…and I think he manages his company quite well. We have stable online meeting with coaches few times per week, and many of the pick up companies just couldn’t provide this or they do provide skype call service, but that’s expensive/they have no response for a long time after you pay etc…I do hope more pickup companies can provide cheap online chat service, so students can easily have chance to ask, ask, and ask every week in a stable way.

      Don Diego Garcia, he’s my HERO! He’s game is very natural, he knows how to teach. He’s really knowlegable in NLP, Hypnosis and Female Psychology. Due to the reason that I’m a student of Stylelife, I have a chance to talk to him every week…He’s a very nice teacher, but he’s not cocky. He’s really really nice. He’s always patient for your problem. He usually say things to motivate me in order to reach my innate potential. Some coaches will leave immediately when the coaching session is going to end, but he won’t. He even spent 1 or 2 more hours to help us even he knows that it has run overtime. You can really feel that he wants to help you. He should really be normed as one of the top coaches.

      Juggler, he’s very nice and also very patient to answer my questions. He has a very strong frame, people will be very easy to be drawn to the way he leads. He’s a good teacher who doesn’t only care about money. When he noticed I’m too “Indirect game” which doesn’t match his natural game teaching…he refunds his money back even he had already taught me a lot. I really want to give him a special thanks. Moreover, his company provides Urgent Skype call service. Although I think it’s quite expensive…but it’s really valuable that students can get advice when they have urgent needs. I also hope that more pickup companies can provide this.

      AFC Adam Lyons, he’s a careful and attentive teacher. I remember when I watch his youtube video, he was teaching something related to submodalities, he said, he’ll even darken the lightings…darken…darken…before the girl gets in to his bedroom..

      David Deangelo, you’ll learn a lot even you just read his article which shown on his website.

      BRADDOCK, he’s game is natural and systematic. I read his Text & Phone game, it’s easy to understand although there are many many tactics.

      Mr.M, he’s a sexy dating coach. When you read their Text & Phone game, when you read his Text message references, and when you find out the patterns how he does, you’ll know why. He’s really sexy.

      Dubbsy, same as above, when you read their Text & Phone game, when you read his Text message references, and when you find out the patterns how he does, you’ll know why.

      Best regards,


    • Oh sorry I have missed an important one!

      9. BADBOY! He’s really sexy! I love the way he makes his bootcamps, in a party way, and it’s not too short.. sometimes it’s like half a month, so students have a longer period to learn from him, rather than a 3 days bootcamp. And, his book is quite good as well.

    • Avatar PersUAsian

      60 Years of Challenge

      • Seconded. 60yearsofchallenge has some solid ass shit and should definitely be on any top pua lists their are.

    • Avatar G.M.R.

      1. Neil Strauss (Style)
      2. David DeAngelo
      3. Richard La Ruina (Gambler)
      4. Bravo
      5. Robert Greene

      I’m really thankful to these guys for helping me get to this point in my life, and for keeping me motivated to become even better, until I get to be the man that I want to be.

    • Avatar Zorro

      1. Mystery, for writing the single greatest book about women ever, ever and ever!
      2. Neil Strauss, for bringing Game to the masses.
      3. Owen Cook, for making it mainstream.

      These guys are legends!

    • Avatar KingOfKong

      Tom Torero
      60 YearsOfChallenge

    • Avatar Atlas

      I agree with Roger :)

      1. Style
      2. Mystery
      3. Cajun
      4. Paul Janka

    • Avatar Sam

      Tyler Durden
      Adam Lyons
      Natural Tim
      David Wygant

    • Avatar Hindu_Hammer

      1. Joshua Pellicer

      (Way lower)

      2. Brad P / Glenn P / Jake P

      Everybody else:
      2. Vin di Carlo, Swinggcat, David Wygant, Chase Amante, DJ Fuji, Entropy, Michael Fiore, Rob Judge

    • Avatar josh

      3.James marshall

    • Sinn #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar Bibu

      1. Sinn
      2. Cameron teone
      3. Entropy

    • 60yearsofchallenge for sure
      El Topo – One of the best guys out there for teaching sexual escalation
      Ozzie from RSD seems like he really has his shit together
      Paul Janka – because he teaches the art of the quick close
      David X because he teaches men to stop being such pussies

    • Avatar Slickkid

      1. Mystery 2. Style 3. Vin DiCarlo 4. Yad 5. Gambler 6.Foxx

      • Avatar Slickkid

        7. artisan 8. torero 9. ross jeffries 10. david d. & carlos xuma

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