The 10 Best Pick Up Artists of 2014

What’s up players, artists, dreamers, nerds, alpha males, betas, masturbaters, sex addicts, lovers, and everyone in between. Welcome to the 2014 list of top dating coaches from PUA Lingo.

This year I focused our list on the men who were able to put together a systematic, scientific approach to learning about game and life. Regardless or your background, systems allow us to see through evidence how to create a type of game or understand ourselves better with a mental map or framework.

You may wonder why I didn’t nominate or repeat some previous winners. Well, if you must know, allow me to keep it real: Mystery sort of disappeared after his business partnership with Mike Long, and he never stays long enough for a business to grow. As a legend and pioneer, this is frustrating to me and many other fans who have supported him over the years. Neil Strauss sort of abandoned us too. Some might say he’s moved on, and good for him, but he hasn’t really contributed much to the community. Richard La Ruina is living the good model European life so I’ll leave him to that (<—-Insert Jealousy Emoticon here). And Kezia and her sister Daisy never came for the sleepover I organized so I stopped nominating her.

#10. David Deida

Deida caused a ripple in the seduction community with his 3rd book “The Way of the Superior Man“. What most PUAs don’t know is that he’s been a publisher and teacher prior to that outlining his ideas on psycho-sexual development and universal masculine and feminine identities. Straying away from “pick up techniques”, his philosophy falls more into the line of understand male and female sexuality, and how to nurture the very nature of our male and female sexuality. In that sense, his philosophy is more like Zan, and his role more or a teacher than a technique-based pick up coach. His books have inspired men to reclaim their sexuality, and to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a man, as well as having a deeper understanding of women’s true desires.

What students/reader’s say: “David Deida’s books have changed my life, and made me more in tune with my own masculinity without all the manipulative stuff of the PUA Community”

#9. Labyrinth

Labyrinth is a Love Systems coach and often affiliated with Future, Dax (blog: Daxterity) and Braddock’s crew. Prior to his stint with Love Systems, Labyrinth was determined to find the answer to date high quality women in London for 6 years. As he reverse-engineered his methods, he was also able to bring tons of value to the Love Systems crew. Like other guys who learned pick up and date high class women (celebrities, aristocrats), he keeps a relatively low public “PUA” profile. Unlike other PUA Coaches, Labyrinth focuses on quality of quantity, and have been able to systematically help his UK-based students learn to date not only high quality women, but to develop a social life that allows you to do so consistently.

Students say: “Dominant Dominant and Dominant, oh and did I mention Dominant. I saw things that had my chin on the ground. Labyrinth is probably one of the most dominant alpha guys I know, he had girls giving him the googly eyes, while they were with their boyfriend. I saw girls blow him out one second and then the next literally laughing with their eyes lit up like Brad Pit just walked in the room. I learned the essence of being dominance in a masculine way, not aggressive in an insecure way. This weekend I had one of the best make outs I have ever had when I implemented what Labyrinth showed me and after talking to this girl for maybe a minute I just dominantly pulled her in and made out with her and she loved it as did I.”


#8. Zan

Zan is always one of my favorite dating coaches, focusing on the seducer’s role of men and women and using honesty and positive energy to guide all of his interactions. Probably one of the nicest guys too in person, this year Zan published his book, The Alabaster Girl. One of the reader’s reviews best describe Zan’s way of life, which in some ways reflects that of Casanova:

The Alabaster Girl is one of the most incredible books I’ve ever read. It’s a book about a seducer, and how he came to be a woman’s fantasy, and had countless memorable experiences all over the world. It’s a book about being a modern-day Casanova, and how you can learn the subtle secrets of being the kind of man that women adore.

Not only that but it’s a philosophy of life. It paints a picture of beauty and motivates and inspires us to go out and find it. So many men have boring, drab lives nowadays, and Zan Perrion explains why, what we’re missing, where it went, and how to regain our adventurous, passionate, masculine spirit.

It’s funny and surprising, and you’ll be shocked at some of the things this ladies man gets away with saying to women. And it’s heartfelt and coming from a place of true love.

#7. Johnny Wolf (ABC’s Of Attraction)

Johnny Wolf got buff. Then he got free from being in one place by learning to travel and live abroad cheaply. Then he got rich by learning the ins and outs of the drop shipping business. What can I say, the guy’s a leader and he evolves through action, unlike many men who live stagnant, boring lives.

I have always believed that success with women, when learned correctly translates to success in our own financial lives too. Because in search of freedom and options with women, one must gain insight into what its like to be free in all areas of our lives, to not settle for the status quo. Johnny Wolf is that character. Despite not making much money from PUA stuff, he continues to offer phone coaching for students so that he can help others travel along their own paths that are similar to his.

Students say: Johnny Wolf has a great personality, easy to talk to, and he really knows the in and out’s of pick up. He is able to pick up on you body language, verbal, and mental mistakes, and knows how to correct them. Johnny in field totally blew me away. His ability to instantly attract and connect with women in a sexual state is amazing. Johnny Wolf’s AMOGing skills are very effective. I don’t think he even needs to use them, because the girls are so into their conversations.


#6. Todd (Real Social Dynamics)

When I first saw Todd’s video I didn’t like his voice. Then I saw him explain his videos in RSDs hotseat. Then I saw more of his videos. Then I saw how students responded to him. Todd’s RSD’s 2014 breakout star. Being a very analytical person, he breaks down interactions like no other instructor does at RSD. He is able to relate to nerdier and more logical-minded students and offer them specific instructions to “get out of his head”. Todd is


#5. Discovery (Shaun Michaels)

Discovery started the site 3 second rule this year with Mystery, and finally we see some new material from the PUA legend. New YouTube videos from him and Mystery finally push the needle a bit on old techniques, and the master Mystery himself. Focusing on a balanced lifestyle, he preaches a stable life along with pursuits in the pick up skills, as he notes, ““Pickup is a Skill-set of life – NOT life itself! – Lock it down and get on with living!”


What students say: There is a unique element of personal attention and genuine style visualisation. It doesn’t surprise me why VA use Discovery as their front man and orchestrator when it comes to getting a large entirely male group into some of the best clubs around the globe. With charm, sophistication and slick conversation, he literally melts away the typical stigma associated with door staff. They simply want him in their venue

#4. Lovedrop

Lovedrop always gets shafted in top PUA rankings. He is Mystery’s right hand, and the main contributor in the Venusian Arts Handbook. He also starred in many kino demonstration’s in Mystery’s Magnum Opus product and seminars about rapport, body language and social value. Lovedrop is a likeable character, and he has one through a personal struggle and transformation from being overweight and undesirable to a guy who can attract the woman of his dreams. Now married to his girlfriend Cacey (the dark skinned girl in Mystery’s videos), he proves that a true transformation and ongoing evolution from the game is possible.


#3. Justin Wayne

Justin Wayne and his crew put out in-field videos way before anyone else was doing this on a massive scale, demonstrating good approaches and kissing girls during the day. He’s perhaps one of the few minority role models in the community that does this. His in-field footage of picking girls at the mall has garnered attention to his pick up skills and that’s why he’s ranked #3 this year.

Student testimonials for Justin Wayne can be found here.


#2. Jason Capital

I’m impressed by Jason Capital’s YouTube videos. His advice makes sense, and seems to hit the core of each issue as he describes his own style of “honest game”.  He claims that many of the picking up women training sources he used to learn actually made him worse with women and that he didn’t like acting “fake” in order to pick up women. Just 30 seconds on any of Jason’s videos and you will notice his natural charisma, and that his talking points are very direct and concise.

Here is one of his videos where he talked to high profile clients:


#1. Owen Cook (Tyler Durden)

How many guys do you know that devoted 14+ years of their life to learning game, and living it too? Tyler Durden, as he is known in the community, continues to evolve and move things forward. At a time where I learned as much about pick up as I can, I still get insights from his videos and his posts.

Owen’s passionate indirect response to Elliot Rogers again exemplifies how men can project their own insecurities on women, and his videos usually tackle a new problem or frontier that one may have in the journey of game. Furthermore, he is a life coach, focusing on developing technical game, as well as building a life.

Beyond his own accomplishments, his company serves as a platform for other coaches to rise on their own, including and not limited to: Ozzie, Alex, Julien, Jeffy, Brad, Todd (another top 2014 PUA) as well as others.


So there you have it!
Did you enjoy or list? Disagree with my picks? Let out your love or hateful thoughts in the comments section below

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