The Benefits of Mirror Neurons for a PUA

The Benefits of Mirror Neurons for a PUA

Written by Pick Up Artist Robert King from PUA Method

When the body performs an action a motor command neuron in the front part of the brain will be triggered.   For instance if you were to sit on a chair then your motor command neuron associated to sitting on a chair will fire within your brain.  This can be observed using an electrode which monitors brain activity.

Now stay with me on this next part, I promise it is worth it.

As well as motor command neurons we also have associated mirror neurons.

mirror neurons brain puaThese mirror neurons are located in the same part of the brain as our motor command neurons.  Mirror neurons get fired when we observe someone else doing an action.  So my mirror neuron would fire when watching “Joe” play the piano.  So when watching “Joe” play the piano, the same part of my brain will light up and become active as if I was to play piano.

By watching someone else do something, we automatically empathise with that person.  Our brain knows what it feels like to do the action that they are doing and so that part of our brain lights up and becomes active.  Essentially we are taking the other persons point of view.

If you were to see a child being bullied then this would trigger similar neuron activity in your brain.  If you had experienced anything similar to bullying “most people have” then you would be able to instantly identify with the bullied child.  In fact if you had experienced some level of bullying yourself then that experience of just watching the child would cause you to almost re-live your experience of bullying.  The same part of the brain that lit up when you experienced bulling would light up just by watching that experience.  You would have instant empathy for the child and you would be the one, most likely to stand up and stop the bullying.  Maybe ‘The mirror neuron’ should actually be called the “hero neuron”!

This neuron exchange is also involved with imitation and emulation.  They essentially speed up your ability to learn something through watching someone else do that action.

By watching someone else do something those same parts of your brain will light up and become active.  The more often a neuron lights up the easier it becomes for the brain to access that neuron again in the future.

mirror neurons brain monkey

Just by watching a guy who is good at PUA doing his thing you will automatically take his point of view and mirror him.  Your mirror neurons will fire and your brain will get more and more familiar at executing those picking up type of actions.  You could literally take a PUA bootcamp, and by watching alone, your mirror neurons would help you to get better with women.

An aspiring PUA could be out approaching for years by himself.  Through trial and error he could develop a really honed and unique style of game.  What has taken him years to learn through trial and error, someone, purely by watching him, could learn his style of game in a couple of nights.  This is the primary reason why PUA videos are now really popular and help guys improve their game so much.

By watching me pick up in this video your game will improve through your mirror neurons.

How can I use these Mirror Neurons to help me with pick up?

Watching someone getting a massage will cause the mirror neurons to be triggered in the touch part of the brain.  The same part of the brain lights up without actually experiencing the feeling of the massage.  Now what stops us from experiencing the same touch sensation as the person getting the massage?  We have touch and pain receptors in the skin that go back to the brain saying “don’t worry you aren’t the one being touched.”  This prevents us from experiencing touch sensations just from watching other people.  The same part of the brain lights up though which WOULD make us more susceptible to want to get a massage ourselves.

V.S Ramachandran claims that if you were to peel your skin off your body, you would lose your skin receptors.  This would cause you to experience the same touch sensations as the person you were watching.  So you could actually watch someone getting a massage and experience that same level of pleasure just through watching.

The theory of removing the skin links to a very Buddhist type concept that we are all “one”.  We are all connected to each other in a real way, “via neurons”.  So if you want to improve or save the world, doing good things in front of other people will cause them to experience the same action that you are doing on a neuron level.  Likewise bad things will have a similar effect.  This is actual Neuro-Science and provable or at the very least debatable and not some abstract way of thinking.

What is really clever, from a pick up point of view, is that if a woman see’s a couple kissing she will be more open-minded to kissing herself.  Part of this will be to do with her brains new evidence that kissing in public is socially acceptable.  Also though, this will be down to her mirror neurons being triggered in her brain.  So if you are out with a friend and he has picked up a girl himself, ask him to kiss his girl close to you and the girl you want to pick up.  The girl you are interested in will become a lot more open to kissing you when seeing the other couple kissing.  She doesn’t feel the same sensations as the people kissing.  But because the kissing part of her brain lights up she becomes a lot more open to kissing herself.


Another example of how mirror neurons can help improve a PUA’s game is by watching a film with a woman that you like.  The best film I’ve found to watch with a girl is “Cruel Intentions”.  This film has lots of seduction, kissing and sex and it also has a good plot.  When women watch this they become more likely to want to kiss and be seduced too.

This mirror neuron affect is an extra percentage bonus.  If there is no attraction then even this film might not help, but the mirror neuron affect can provide a nice additional boost to improve your chances.  The main bulk of a man’s attraction should come from Confidence, Humour and Positivity but being aware of this Mirror Neuron Effect can be like the cherry on top of the cake!

Finally, we reach a law called “State Transfer”. This means, how you appear to feel, she will feel.  If she sees that you are sad or nervous she will be more likely to experience those emotions herself.  And she will become less likely to want to do anything sexual or fun.  If you approach a woman in a sexual state, “you feel horny” she is likely to mirror this back to you.  She will feel that you are sexual and so be more likely to become sexual herself.  This is a well-documented phenomenon called “Sexual State Projection” and is a very important part of being a good PUA.

mirror neurons state transfer

Try out the Mirror Neuron affect yourself and let me know how you use it to help your game.

Peace n Love,


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