The Asian Playboy Shows Us How It’s Done, Part Two

Last week, we posted an update to the post about our awesome dating guru, JT Tran, aka The Asian Playboy. For those of you who don’t know (or who didn’t bother to read Part One of this post…yeah, we’re totally not judging you), he goes around the country and offers these really killer weekend seminars that teach Asian men how to successfully pick up white girls, covering everything from how to even say hello to how to dress to impress.


One of Tran’s go-to moves for any social situation that involves talking to a white girl is what he calls the touch-and-turn. You touch her on the shoulder from behind (because girls absolutely love it when strange men walk up behind them and grab them near their heads), turn her around to face you (let’s pretend she doesn’t care if she was talking to someone), and smile at her before introducing yourself.

What could possibly go wrong, right?


Now, to be completely fair, I bet if you turn a girl around in a club–assuming you gently guide her in circle and not fling her around so hard you both end up wearing her drink–and introduce yourself, you’re gonna get remembered. Leaning in and trying to shout, “Hey! Look at me a second, will you?” is not going to work in a loud place, especially if that drink she didn’t spill on you is already gone, along with three others before it. So, props for the touch-and-turn thing.

And really, ditto on the props for telling you to just talk to her. It sounds like common sense, but it’s really not. Always remember, if she wanted to not be talked to by guys, she’d be sitting at home watching Twilight with her fourteen cats. She wants you to talk to her, that’s kind of why she got all pretty and came to the club.

But what do you do if she doesn’t? How do save face if you manage to be the lucky bastard who finds that ONE girl who came to a club to solo-drink herself into oblivion while listening to intensely loud techno-music? Some of you guys might still be holding out because you’re afraid of the “what if,” so here’s what you do if things don’t go as planned: You ask for a phone number.

Of her friend.

She’ll hate you and it will be so much fun. You do the old touch-and-turn, and if she gives you the eat-crap look, you lean in close and say, “Your friend over there is really smokin’ hot. I just wanted to see if she’s here with someone before I introduce myself. You don’t mind, do you?”

Let her know up front that she was second place.

See, we adore JT Tran and the empowerment he’s bringing to good-looking and well-deserving guys around the country, but some of you may be lacking what it takes to jump on in there and talk to the girl. NOW, between JT and this really cheap advice right here, you’re ready. Go for it.