The Asian Playboy Shows Us How It’s Done – Part One


You guys have to see this.  J.T. Tran, AKA Asian Playboy, was featured on ABC Nightline. The camera crew followed him and his students in a training session and a night out, practicing their game. As Ronald correctly notes, too many Asian guys stay within their comforting Asian circles and seldom venture out.

First, I’m not really sure that the words, “I like to taste the rainbow,” are the correct thing to say on your television debut, but we’re gonna overlook that for right now, especially since Ronald was the clear winner in the game, “Pick Up a White Chick in a Club.” The guy was obviously taking notes in Tran’s class.

Second, did anyone notice a running theme among these guys in his class? There wasn’t an ugly one in the bunch. It’s like they were all hand-selected on a cutie farm. If good-looking guys who are obviously successful enough to be able to drop 3500 bucks on a weekend seminar on picking up women need Tran’s help, the rest of us average people don’t stand a chance.

Or do we?

Apart from the really weird label of “Asian face,”–as in, “Don’t make your Asian face,”–(trying to figure out where to go with that to make it sound more funny and less offensive is kinda leaving me scratching my head right now), I think Tran had some great ideas and I have to admit, I think he’s kind of being a little narrow with his scope. These tips (like Tran’s signature move in which you actually walk up to a girl who’s having a conversation, put your hand on her, and physically turn her around) don’t just work in the club, they work on some many different levels.

Try this: you need help in Walmart? Don’t just ask someone, actually touch them. Put your hand right on their shoulder and turn them around to face you and see if they’re not willing to take you right over to the sausage links you couldn’t find, mostly because they will do anything you say if you just promise not to touch them again.

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