• The Art of Summer Style

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Over the last year I have tried to adapt to San Diego’s distinct style and demographics. The guys here are lot more socially calibrated than San Francisco (the straight ones, at least). So what’s a guy to do if he’s not super muscular or fits the “hot douchebag / athlete” archetype?

    First, if you are the muscular type, by all means, show it off. I see a lot of guys in tank tops on the beach


    Just also muscle dudes with interesting colored shorts:




    Yet I’ve always wondered what to wear as a skinnier guy, or, as a guy who doesn’t always fit the persona of the steroid or gym douche. Well, here are some my favorite summer styles:

    The theme here is Summer + Class and High Fashion

    Tips and tricks:

    • Get Cargo-type pants or pants from higher end stores . They match up well with collared shirts
    • Sandals are comfortable, but look into light suede shoes and light leather shoes without socks. It makes your look distinct and its a subtle but important difference
    • For a long time I struggled between basketball shorts and T-shirts – checkout V-Necks, or collared shirts or a more classy look
    • Don’t be afraid to accessorize, be it a watch, bracelet, or sung glasses
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