The 7 Deadly Sins of The Game

Sin #1 – Fear


For most people, it begins with fear. We fear the unknown. We fear life itself. We fear the consequences of not doing “what we are told” and chasing after the outliers of society. And so, we stand in line like the rest of the masses, and follow the conventional wisdom.

Fear of women is often misunderstood by women. As men, we sometimes fear beautiful women. We fear their power over us, and we fear ourselves. Of what we might do in their presence, of the reflection in the mirror of our own self worth compared to her “perceived value”.

When newbies first start learning about game, something about this fear compels them to confront it. Not every hot girl is the devil, and not every one of them is mean spirited. We learn slowly that as men, we are entitled to find a girl we believe to be fully attractive and totally in love with, instead of settling for less.

Nonetheless, many do not get this opportunity, because they are plagued by the first sin in the game: FEAR. This sin takes away our time, our opportunities to meet people, and our precious mental strength just thinking about it! Our days go by unfulfilled. In order to conquer fear, one must name it. Then, face it. Over and over again. Approach Anxiety can be killed, and you can become very good at killing it.

My Verdict = Not Guilty

Sin #2 – Indifference. Sloth


Perhaps worse than fear itself is INDIFFERENCE, AKA Sloth. People who read the game and say, “oh, that’s nice”. Others simply are unable to believe that such a thing is possible. Moreover, they live their lives with limitations of why something could NOT work, instead of seeking answers to what will.

Sloth is someone who works the same job and takes the same crap from people 20 years down the road, traveling a road that he hasn’t chosen for himself. Instead, he simply follows the “status quo”.

Indifference lacks emotion, energy, and momentum. Sloth is the greatest sin of the under-achiever.

My Verdict = Not Guilty

Sin #3 – Greed (Avarice)


The is more often the sin of the advanced player. They don’t know when to stop. Once they get “good enough”, they become whores themselves and sleep with as many women as they can. While abundance is good, greed is not. In search of themselves, they get lost in the game and search for happiness in others.

Avarice in particular refers to one’s greediness in seeking status and power. As such, some players become obsessed with the idea of a hot girl proving their own status. While this is true in society’s surface level interactions, in reality, no one can determine one’s status except for one’s self.

Happiness cannot be found in another women if you’re not happy with yourself.

My Verdict = Not Guilty

Sin #4 – Over-Gaming (Gluttony)


Instead of the over-gaming for status or to prove one’s’ worth, the sin of gluttony is committed by the over consumption of girls. This can be achieve through carelessness in having unprotected sex, or just going through girls after girls without care of the consequence. Gluttony can also refer to one staying in relationship and not pushing oneself. While “content” with the sex in the relationship, the man becomes lazy, fat, and fails to go after that which he truly desires. While Gluttony is good as he get sex regularly, it is bad in the long run because he never tastes the variety of the food and achievement in finding his dream girl.

My Verdict: Not Guilty

Sin #5 – Wrath


After a while in the game, assuming you are a “synthetic“, or even for some naturals, you will face your plateau and failure points. I know I have. DJ Fuji talked about the man shooting down women at a LA Fitness gym and how we can relate to his feelings of loneliness and hopelessness, despite his selfish act.

We get angry at women. It happens. Sometimes the anger is in response to constant rejection. This sin is deadly because sometimes we think it is justified. But getting angry at the woman is like getting angry at the job interview. You have to keep your eyes on the bigger picture – was it your interviewing skills? Were you picking the right companies to apply for jobs? All these things have to be looked at from a logical and unemotional level.

The irony is that we are learning a skill about human emotions and social dynamics, and yet, we have to be professional and disciplined about our approach. This sin perhaps is the hardest one to control.


My Verdict: Sometimes Guilty in the past

Sin # 6 – Envy


Are you jealous of your friend’s hot girlfriend? Do you look upon other’s success with disdain? Envy is a dangerous sin, for it is so closely tied to self worth and our own need to compete in this world. A true warm alpha male wishes well for all of his friends, but negative emotions build up over time as one seeks to find hope in the face of failure.

The key is action. Envy also grows in the place of sloth and indifference, as you watch others take action and mock them. Instead, one should be moving through life in a momentum that prohibits us from watching others for too long, lest we become envious of them and miss out on our own lives.

Envy also creates jealousy, and the idea that you can lose a girl to another guy. Or, the idea of dating a girl and that she may be dating someone else. True possession of another person never really happens. We are all given free will. Jealously rears its ugly head when we lose our perspective of the abundance mentality.

Caveat: There is a jealousy trigger that goes off in relationships – one’s subconscious seems to realize it and you can become super protective over where your girlfriend is at a particular point in time. This is the subconscious’s way of protecting your investment from competing sperm.

Thus, jealousy can be good in a relationship, but do not live in constant envy of others. Admiration is much more fun.

My Verdict: Not Guilty

Sin # 7 – Lies of the Ego (Vanity and Pride)


“I’m too good for this”, “I don’t need this”. These are the lies of the sin Vanity. “Love of self perverted to hatred and contempt for one’s neighbour.” While girls commit sins of vanity in their looks, men do so with their egos. We often over-inflate our attempts at pick up, or lie altogether about our conquests. And for what purpose? To impress other guys?

In over-exaggerating about one’s situation, you remove the possibility of an honest look at your current situation, and the hopes of elevating from that situation.

Vanity also gets in the way of approaching girls. I think, “I want to save face, and don’t want to embarrass myself”. I rationalize that as “I’m too good for her anyway. Besides, I got other things to do, I can’t WASTE time talking to stupid girls”. I may even say something bad about her to my friends.

In reality, I find her extremely attractive and would have had fun approaching her. For intelligent people, or people that tend to be elitist (usually been spoiled or come from rich families), this is the BIGGEST sin. It prevents them from opening up and just have fun with pickup. Instead, everything comes down to “saving face” and what others are thinking.

This is my biggest sin, and the one I constantly fight. Every day, when I am in a public place. I plan to kill AA and my own sense of vanity as soon as I am there. I remember the times when I was a kid again, and all that was on my mind was to explore more of this wonderful world, without a care or worry in the world about what others are thinking of me.

My Verdict: Guilty

That’s it for now. Next week, I will talk about the 7 virtues in game. Are you guilty of any of these 7 sins? Read over them again and let me know your thoughts.

Image Source: Blackeri and Bedazzled