The 49er (San Francisco)

Sexual Stereotype Profile: The San Francisco 49er


The 49er is perhaps a disparaging term in the Bay area that references the local football team (SF 49ers) to describe girls who think and act like they are 9s but in reality are just 4s. This numerical metric applies to both looks and personality and reasonable expectations from the dating scene.

This archetype was born from a variety of factors stemming from the great sphere known as Silicon Valley. As always, when I choose a city or location I look at 3 factors: singles gender ratio, the culture, and the style-sense and hotness of the girls (related to the culture of the city).

Factor 1: Bay Area Singles Ratio

The distribution of women to men in the Bay area is 51% men and 49% women, however if you plot out data by age from you will see a stark contrast in the male and female ratios by mating age

In New York, women out number men from 21+ onward


In San Francisco, the men outnumber women by a lot after age 25:


The only redeeming quality of the bay is that if you are into teenage or younger girls, their ratio is pretty good.

Factor 2: Bay Area Culture
A mecha for tech companies like Yahoo!, Google, Facebook and the other blue chip technology firms, this place is ripe with engineers whose daily attire includes shorts and sandals at the office. Even during my time at the Googleplex, our sales team was probably one of the better dressed divisions in the whole company. There is a stark difference between the engineers of the Valley (Mountain View, San Jose) and the gay men and high-end shops on Market Street in San Francisco. But by the majority of new hires that come to the bay area, the men are not the sharpest dressed.

Further compounding the factor is that the culture of the valley focuses on hard work and startups, and dating is somewhat swept under the rug. You’re assumed to know it already or to go online to find a match. Tons of my coworkers meet their significant other through work, and that’s how they settle for their partners.

The average salary for bay area works is probably one of the highest in the country minus NY’s financial giants. Programmers get paid six-figures to work Google and other tech firms, so it is easy to shell out money to try to “impress the ladies”. Unfortunately this leads to arbitrage as even mediocre looking girls get treated like 9/10 done up models in L.A., because of the lack of game from the techies, and an abundance of cash from the tech gold-rush.

A lot of graduate students and women with MBAs abound in the bay. Some of them are truly intelligent and stunning. Unfortunately, in my experience, most of the ones I’ve met are complete bitches with “work is my life” complex who lack the femininity that comes naturally to the women of LA or San Diego or even Brazil and Eastern Europe. They’re all about paper resumes and professional careers. I don’t have a problem with women being smart – I think Larry Page’s wife is stunningly beautiful and she’s got a PhD from Stanford. Same goes for Steve Job’s wife. But a lot of times these women trade their feminine charms to compete and they lose the connection to the source of their essence. Nothing, to me, is less attractive than a woman who lacks femininity.

On the other side of the coin, you have the would-be gold diggers – a lot of Asian girls fall into this category. Because they went to some ivy-league school they now expect to marry a guy who is worth six-seven figures. Sorry bitch, there’s only one Mark Zuckerberg and you… ARE… Not… That… Hot.

zuckerberg and wife
There is a large tourist population in SF and Tesler Resonance and I have been able to capitalize on the beautiful foreign exchange students. I wish I could post the pictures of the stuff on my camera.
Factor 3: Bay Area Style-Sense
There are pockets of style in the bay area and especially San Francisco. Overall, the women of the workforce are styled alright, and SF tends to shift towards more of an alternative, hippy-type image. Unlike LA’s plastic surgery and San Diego’s beach bunnies, the women are not “beautified” and therefore you just don’t see as many stunners in your day-to-day life. SF boasts 2 major modeling agencies, and the majority of its models travel to SF for hire from the blue-chip money machines. In stark contrast the NY, where tons of female models migrate to to “make it” every year in the fashion industry.
Nerd humor in the valley – and yes they wear Tees like that to work

So what do 49ers look like? Well. I was going to post some examples from Facebook but it was just too mean so. Here are some pictures from Google’s public image search of what a 4-9er looks like:


This girl thinks she’s hot – according to the guys at

The 49er mentality is not just about fat or super ugly “4” girls. They can also refer to girls who are pretty cute but think they are hot shit because of the disparity of money and sex ratio in the bay area.

At first glance, this 49er looks cute! But its not just about looks, but mentality. Basically, an over inflation of one’s actual status so disproportionate to reality that one can’t help but say, “Bitch, you’re not that hot ok”.

This girl is a slightly overweight short cutie blonde from Germany (I love German girls, this one just happens to be stuck up). An 8 at best. But, when we talked to her, she treated all the guys (our group of friends) as totally dispensable. She came across as “I only date guy models, or you know, guys who buy me boats. Any guy whos not tall blonde and rich better not talk to me” vibe and sub-communication.

She will respond to guys who she thinks are “not up to her level” with an extremely elitist attitude via text and in person. I know this from personal experience because she dated my old roommate and I knew how she selectively discarded the rest and got with him.

This makes guys (including me) who meet her feel like shit, and its just… not a nice feeling, to be treated so badly by a girl barely cute. She can barely compete with any average blonde girl in LA or San Diego, but because of the bay area’s shortage of hotties, she gets away with behaving like a princess and men REWARD her for it.

Bay area Asian girls are also prone to being 49ers. They expectations are SO out of whack from the inflated attention they get from Asian guys with no game, and inflated salaries of Asian engineers and white guy’s fetishes. Most of my Asian female friends are cool, so I can’t post pictures, but every now and then, a very mediocre Asian girl expects the world on a platter.

In essence, the 49er isn’t so much a 4 who thinks she’s a 9, but any girl who acts like she’s a 9 when she doesn’t have the pre-requisite personality and looks to back it up at all.

San Francisco 49er Profile:
Aliases 4-9er, Forty-Niner Chick, 49er girl, bay area 49er chick
Pop Culture Analogy Star Jones, Rosie O’Donnel, Chelsea Lately, Sally Jesse Raphael
Natural Habitat At posh bars with rich old men, Santana Row, social circles with posses that support their 49er perspective, among desperate bay area guys in salsa classes and other activities.
Unique Physical Qualities Overweight, short, clothes a few sizes smaller than her actual fit, superior race / elitist complex when she plays with her hair / sun glasses, dismissive hand gestures and facial expressions.

Sometimes, Asian girls who have out-of-whack expectations and beta male oribters

Location Mostly in the south bay, Stanford and super-educated girls who are actually not hot, San Jose. South San Jose. East bay.

Anything outside of San Francisco.

Age Range Usually younger girls who do not understand reality
Favorite Halloween Costume Slutty Fairy Tale Character a size too small for her actual measurements
Natural Male Counterpart -Rich guys who have no game, guys who are good looking or otherwise superficially superior but lame in personality and have 0 game

-Good looking guys who think very lowly of themselves or aren’t that intellectually challenged are extremely prone to 49ers

-As are intellectually smart engineers who thinks they can’t do better, settle for 49ers who suck him dry of his financial resources

Natural Enemy -Any girl of equal hotness who’s actually nice and decent. Any hot girl whos physically beautiful and also has a pleasing personality

-Other fat girls who are actually good people and nice

-Other girls who look like them who are actually decent human beings

How To Game? Start running the other way
Additional Notes -49ers is named after the football team, the 49ers, who in fact are actually awesome

-Deep down, 49ers are actually over-estimating their dating value as a defense mechanism for being insecure and secretly feeling like they are low value, thus compensating for being over-confident and cold towards anyone deemed “lower value” instead of showing love to everyone.