The 12 Best PUA Movies and PUA Characters

These are 12 movies that you may not heard of which exemplify the heroes journey of an artist. Romantic Comedy alone generates billions of dollars a year in revenues. But what of movies from the past? Here are my 12 favorite movies that portray iconic characters who fit the PUA / seducer profile. Let us know your thoughts on our top 12 choice in the comments below.

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Warning: the rankings below include spoilers for the movies mentioned. Skip if you wish to watch these movies for the first time.

12. Bedazzled

Elizabeth Hurley as The Devil

Why she’s a PUA: Seductive, playful, and a master of teasing, the devil nurtures Elliot Richard’s dark side and teaches him a few lessons along the way. Her comedic and flirtatious demeanor, despite playing the devil, has earned her the title as one of the world’s sexiest women.

Favorite Quote: You’re very glib. I bet you’re a wiz with the ladies.

Morality: Dark with a light comedic flair


11 Dawg (AKA Bad Boy)

Dennis Leary as Doug

Why he’s a PUA: Dated multiple women and is still a “dog”. Throughout his journey, finds redemption through a journey of self discovery between the women he used to date.

Favorite Quote: One door closes, and another door opens.

Morality: Womanizer, becomes mature towards the end of the movie.


10. SwordFish

Who: John Travolta as Gabriel Shear

Why he’s a PUA: Manipulate the whole game, steals a shit load of money, pimps Ginger out, and gets away with everything.

Favorite Quote: Misdirection. What the eyes sees and the ears hear, the mind believes.

Morality: Dark side, with own set of code and ethics.

Interview Process with Gabriel

9. The Social Network

Who: Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker

Why he’s a PUA: Games his way into Mark’s heart, makes a billion dollars, sleeps with Stanford college girls.

Favorite Quote: 1 million dollars isn’t cool anymore man. You know what is? A Billion!

Morality: Negatively portrayed in the movie, mixed in real life

8. Fight Club

Brad Pit as Tyler Durden

Why he’s a PUA: A subculture icon, Tyler Durden represents all that is against the system. A symbol for anarchy, Tyler believes in the letting things be, and the natural process of destructive creativity. His character is stronger, better looking, and more powerful than the person who invented him.

Favorite Quote: The things you own, end up owning you.

Morality: Dark, with his own reverse ethics

 A scene when Tyler first fights with the protagonist:
fight club

7. Spread

Ashton Kutcher as Nikki

Why he’s a PUA: Seduces rich cougars and gets deep into the world of players.

Favorite Quote: Never show you’re impressed, it lowers your market value.

Morality: Bad, becomes good towards end of movie

6. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Ryan Gosling as Jacob Palmer

Why he’s a PUA: He decides to take Cal under his wing and show him the ropes of a true seducer.

Favorite Quote: Cal… be better than the gap!

Morality: Misogynist, falls in love in the middle of the movie.

Ryan Gosline’s best scenes show you his character’s morals and stance on dating:

5. Superbad

Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fogell

Why he’s a PUA: From zero to hero, Fogell gets a badass fake ID, gets laid, and gets arrested by the cops!

Favorite Quote: Break yourself fool!

Morality: Good dorky kid on an adventure to discover himself

4. Limitless

Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra

Why he’s a PUA: Becomes super smart, outwits the stock market, gets the girl

Favorite Quote: I was blind, but now I see

Morality: Light, becomes clouded and regains his sense towards the end

The first scene after Eddie takes the “pill”:

3. Van Wilder

Why he’s a PUA: Enjoys life, icon in school, gets hot college girls,  makes things happen

Favorite Quote: Don’t take life too seriously, you may never get out alive. Write that down.

Morality: Light, good guy who sees potential in others

Van negates Richard the AMOG.


2. America Pie

Steve Stifler

Why he’s a PUA: Perfect asshole game, funny frat boy

Favorite Quote: Check it out. Potential lesbians, leaving the building

Morality: Asshole with a sense of endearment 

His favorite F-word moments:

1. Office Space

Ron Livingston as Peter Gibbons

Why he’s a PUA: Has a revelation, change of heart. Decides to take things into his own hands. Icon against the man and authority, gets the girl.

Favorite Quote: I would do… absolutely nothing!

Morality: Good guy who hates work


Honorable Mentions:

  • Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean
  • King Leonidas in 300
  • Michael J Fox in For Love or Money
  • Tom Cruise in CockTail
  • Hans Solo in Star Wars
  • Alex Hitch in Hitch
  • Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man
  • Pierce Brosman in The Thomas Crown Affair
  • Ryan Goslin in The Notebook