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    => 10 Little Tips That Makes A Man Stylish (PDF Download)

    The 10 little Style tips will immediate boost your self confidence and increase women's attraction to your "image"

    => 2 Ways To Start A Convo (Girls Chase You)

    2 Ways To Start A Convo Gives You A Toolbox to Open and Talk To Any Girl You Want!

    => Unbreakable openers to start conversations with 9s and 10s

    This one is a great read for you more advanced guys - a way to start conversations without the risk of rejection.

    girl text game=> 29 DHV Texts To Get Her Laughing (PDF Download)

    You can use these right now and they're field-tested to be effective. If you're still getting no replies or flakes using these texts, go back to your initial face to face interaction and troubleshoot


    => PUA Lingo Dictionary (PDF Download)

    The PUA Dictionary will help you decipher any terms you come across during your journey

    ==> 3 Texts To Help You Get Hotter Girls

    These 3 texts are field-tested and designed to get her laughing and you standing out from the crowd.
    They have innate negs and DHVs built into them for maximum effect so
    this is *going to get more interested girls period

    ==> 10 Sex Secrets Hot Girls Never Want You To Know
    It's important to know the underlying human dynamics of sex and what it really means in a tribal scene and our current social structure. This post will help you understand how women view sex and get a better understanding of what it means for women and men and how we can relate better to reach other.

    => In Field Cheat sheet

    A 1 page, quick to the point cheat sheet with everything you need to think about when in a social situation - if you ever feel lost, afraid or just don’t know what to do, this sheet has it!

    Coming SOON

    aa ebook cover2

    => Top 10 Techniques to Kill Approach Anxiety (PDF Download)

    The Killing AA ebook is a personal favorite of mine, designed to help you change your life by simply talking to women you see everyday

    Real Advice For Real People

    I've been teaching guys style and game attraction since 2008, and because I make WAY more money on my other affiliate businesses, this site is my pure passion. I strive to develop a intimate, strong connection with my students and will offer you as much advice as possible.

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    Looking for help in a specific area of your game?

    Over the years people have asked me for advice hundreds, if not thousands of times. That led to the development of these 3 products that cover everything from meeting a girl to dressing for success and attraction.

    If you’re new or just want to get a taste of how to get started, checkout “Game Sense”. It’s priced at $5 and we’re not making any money from it after Clickbank fees, it’s set at that price simply to get you to make a small commitment to improving your life.

    In game sense, I give you my 30 best liners for starting and transitioning from conversations with women. I also included 10 videos explaining and breaking down why these lines work, and the inner mindset behind these phrases. Once you have these lines down and the principles behind them, you will always be prepared – whether it is a cute girl walking down the street or someone you’d like to meet at the coffee shop, you will always have some lines you can use to being meeting a new, interesting person.

    Seduce With Style is a membership site, and it’s a one-time payment of $79. No other hidden fees or charges. It is priced at $39 because there’s over 30 hours of content, including at 250+ page PDF book that I also published on Amazon.

    In the 20-30 videos in the SWS program, I breakdown everything from SAS to the principles behind self-expression in how you dress. You will learn how to buy brand name quality at cheaper prices, and how price isn’t always related to social value. There are also candid interviews from my female model friends (back in my modeling days) about what they really think about a guy’s style, and how you can dress to attract that type of girl.

    I also included 5 stories of case studies from 5 students who went from being dressed poorly, to dressing for success and achieving their dating goals at the same time.

    Asian Rockstar is for my Asian brothers who may be struggling or having trouble assimilating into a western-dominated culture. It’s priced at $79 and again, includes tons of video material, and a-e-book with statistical data on interracial dating.

    In ARD, I interview Asian guys from around the world who are living the dating life of their dreams. I also interview non-Asian girls on their take on Asian guys, how to attract them, and how to find other girls who have a preference for Asian men. We also discuss the mentality and techniques we use to start relationships and interactions with non-Asian girls.

    The goal of the product is to change your mentality of the world of interracial dating and send you on a path of living the dating life of your dreams.

    If you’re looking for more 1 on 1 attention, checkout the coaching page on the navigation tab up top. Thank you so much for your interest, and I look forward to working with you in one form or another soon.

    Questions? Email Me!

    I love getting emails from my readers. Reach me at [email protected]

    Sincerely, You Friend,
    Vince Lin


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