• Textback humour

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Callback humour

    Quick Definition: A reference in a text that is from a previous (usually face to face) interaction.

    Full Definition:

    If you follow a hot girlfriend around or imagine yourself in the shoes of a hot girl in her 20s, on a day-to-day basis, a guy might start to see how many offers she gets for sex, everyday. It is not uncommon for her to give her phone number out, and not return texts or calls. Numbers obtained during night time may be even more flaky due to alcohol, over-stimulation, and anti-slut behavior.

    Text back humour refers to a cool moment or memory you shared together. Examples of text back humour can serve as example although the text themselves may not make sense to someone who just read it. That’s because it reference previous events. For example:

    Text from AlphaWolf “Hey if you’re in the area party at my house at 8”

    T: “Who’s this?”

    AlphaWolf: “It’s Vince the prince. T don’t pull my hair”

    T: “Lol”

    The reason this texts make sense was because she kept on telling me not to pull her hair during sex. Interesting how girls forget isnt’ it? Another example:

    PUA: “After you left me at the marina last night I got assaulted by cougars. Ouch”

    HB: “LOL hey how was the rest of your night?”

    PUA: -continues conversation-

    Textback humour isn’t a guarantee for a response. Ultimately it depends on her circumstances and the initial interaction. You can also use it for online dating profiles, and reference a message you sent before. Whatever the case, it is a useful tool for building commonality, building a conspiracy, and letting someone know that you remember the time spent with them.


    Use textback humour to increase your text game response rates.

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    Source: Braddock from Love Systems

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