Text Openers

Quick Definition: A smart and memorable text that DHVs the PUA when he first contacts the target via text messaging.

Full Definition:

A great text opener is another DHV or comfort builder in the overall scheme of things. Without proper game in the beginning, a good text opener is hard to recovery from actual bad face to face game. Guys often think good text game can solve the problem, however 90% of the time it is because the initial interaction isn’t good.

Text game advocates state that good text game can turn a lot of bad numbers. There has been debate about this in the community. Nonetheless, if the girl is indeed very busy, or she hasn’t spent enough time to get to know the PUA in the beginning, a good text opener and text game is essential for getting her out on a day 2.

text game penguin
Never take text game too seriously. You can never lose something you never had.
girl text game
Yes, girls check their phones and this is the expression we want her to have when we text

One of my favorite lines for non-responsive texts:

Aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking people tomorrow. I’m just texting to say goodbye. Don’t worry you’ll be fine!

One of my favorite lines for girls who like me but are busy and a bit stuck-up :

I miss you and want to see you but the zookeeper is being a chode. Do you think you can escape?


What are your standard text openers?

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