Text Game

Quick Definition: A subset of phone game, where text messages are exchanged with a HB for the purposes of setting up a Day 2.

Full Definition:

Text game is a relatively new form of game with the development of mobile applications in the 21st century. Essentially, texts are less intrusive, require no response, and are easier for the HB to keep in touch with you for a 2nd meeting. A PUA can send multiple texts, while multiple phone calls are considered rude or intrusive.

Text game advice in the community centers on being playful and intriguing. It is important to send texts that do not force a reply, such as “Do you remember me from last night?” If you send this type of message, and she does not respond, you may feel cognitive dissonance: because she did not reply, she must not be that interested in you. Value-giving texts, however, subtlety communicate that the PUA likes to keep in touch, but it not going out of his way to pursue her. For example, “There’s a party at Sutra on Beale St. tonight” or “OMG I think I just saw your twin walking across the street.”

While good text game and phone game can recover an otherwise mediocre set and give the PUA another chance to game the girl on a Day 2, no amount of strong text or phone game will work if the girl was not originally attracted to the PUA. Thus, flakes, blurs and other UFEA reasons usually originate with mediocre game in the first meeting.


My text game is pretty strong, but my phone game is relatively weak in comparison.

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