• Temporary Truths

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The way a women views a certain statement or fact when she’s more emotionally driven in social situations. Applies to men too.

    Full Definition:

    Women operate on temporary truths outside of the office in social situations. When she says “I will be right back” at a party, she does mean it when she says it, but her logic follows her emotions at the core, so her emotions will lead her to the next guy who is fun, and she still stay there and talk to him.

    This doesn’t mean she’s lying to you. When she said she will be back, she really did mean it. But, her emotions drive her, and if she’s really emotionally in state with another guy, or even her girlfriends, she will follow them to another area or stay there instead of coming back.

    That’s why you need to have FUN. In a club environment, FUN drives her emotions and her actions, not your logical conversations.

    She is not responding to content, only behavior cues, emotional cues. These cues tell her, subconsciously, whether you are a sex-worthy guy.


    Usage: At a club women operate on temporary truths.

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