Teen Game (School)

Quick Definition:

The name for both the teenage social dynamics coaching service was founded by Saint Pixie, and the method for personal social evolution.

Full Definition:
Based in Florida, Teen Game was founded in the summer of 2010 when its creator, Saint Pixie, concluded 2 years of social experiments to figure out why adult game doesn’t work on teenagers (and what game would).

The results of these experiments serve as the basis for the Teen Game method for social evolution, which has been used by over 300 teenagers, both guys and girls, on every continent except for Antarctica. These satisfied students all congregate on “The Community,” the most well-known teenage pick-up forum on the web.

Teen Game offers not only Bootcamps, Seminars, and One-on-Ones, but also Weekly Meetings, Webinars, and coaching through “The Teen Game Academy”: an online instructional community with videos, articles, downloads in-field footage, a social network, personal journals, and forums.

Teen Game now has 6 coaches in the United States: Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, Idaho, and Alaska.

Knowledge Sphere Definitions

  • Purds: Girls who base relationship decisions (kissing, dating, etc.) mostly on attraction.
  • Prude: Girls who base relationship decisions (kissing, dating, etc.) mostly on comfort.
  • Friend Zone Avoidance Techniques (FZATs): Advanced methods for dodging the friend zone.
  • The Balance Model for Attraction : A series of graphs that plainly show the effects of DHVs, Negs, pro-activity, reactivity, etc. on the PUA’s value, the HB’s value, and any AMOG’s value. These diagrams make attraction simple by putting it into cause-and-effect form.
  • Tech-Talking: The act of speaking to a girl through any electronic medium: texting, Skyping, calling, etc.
  • Transferred Kino : Touching any object within a girl’s Intimate Zone (6″-18″)
  • Friend Kino: Kino that does not either escalate or display sexuality. I.e. hugging without escalation for 3 hours cumulatively.

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