Technique Based Coaching

Quick Definition: The type of coaching that focuses on technique and methods over inner game.

Full Definition:

Technique based coaching is the philosophy that with a focus on actual execution, along with a overall understanding of the concepts of game, the student can get good over time.

With technique, first, you change a person’s actions. Then, his actions determine his behavior. With time, the behavior itself begins manifesting an attitude of sorts. This concept is expanded upon in South Park, where Cesar Milan applies his dog training techniques on Cartman.

A lot of guys in the community keyboard jockey or read a lot, but rarely practice in field. And when they do, they don’t have plans other than to “go out an sarge”. DJ Fuji recalls in his early years: “I used to drive an hour every day to downtown San Diego, and go out alone to practice each part of my game”. Only in doing so, months after months, was he able to achieve a semblance of success. How often to guys take notes on their progress? How often does a PUA measure his sticking points, and his lay rate? Paul Janka recalls that he keeps a spreadsheet of all his girls and numbers, and has found that on average, 11% of his numbers convert into lays, and this number is similar among his player friends.

ballroom dance
In dance training, technique-based coaching is key for winning very meticulous judges that score based on proper usage of techniques

The technique based coaching philosophy emphasizes getting the execution right. Much like an actor practices his craft, so does the PUA. Technique based coaching is particularly useful for non-naturals in dance and acting, where principle-based explanations alone are not enough to get the student to mastery. At the end of the day, Mystery said it best: “the responsibility of learning rests upon the student”


Technique-based coaching is ideal for those with an already strong inner game.

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