Target Market Assessment

Credit: Ryan Jaunzemis 

Quick Definition: The ability to assess the validity of a set.

Full Definition:

Ryan: Rather than just going out sarging and opening sets on random girls I have found a more tactical vantage point, I assess exactly what  “type” of target I’m after and build my logistics to compensate. for example – I write down who I’m looking for “Type” – Goth, party girl, athletic, band geek, black girl, white, girl, age, hobbies, etc, then I calculate where this type of girl would be, party girl – at a club, classy girl – wine tasting, porn star – porn convention and then I calculate at what time would be the most appropriate time to sarge her – Most guys don’t know what they want in a girl or why or how to get her, they just go out and open random sets, narrowing it down and being able to pin point the type of girl or exact girl you want is much more skillful.


You should be a target assessment before approaching in this type of venue.

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