• Tandem Hunting

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The act of seeking out and picking up an HB with a GF. The term originates from hunting patterns of predators who team up in the wild.

    Full Definition:

    Hunting “in tandem” is a particularly fun process for a PUA with a GF or wingwoman who is willing to do so. Tandem hunting is a specific skill set further developed by Jlaix (from RSD) and other mPUAs on the forums who wanted to test the limits of threesomes and bi-sexual relationships.

    In brief, tandem hunting is different than using pivots or wings. Pivots are used for social proof and flash game. Wings are hunting partners; although a wing hunts with the PUA, he or she is ultimately looking for their own “prey,” not sharing a prey with the PUA. (Let us assume that another male wing does not want a 3-some with you, though some targets may be more receptive if this idea is initiated in a GM style approach).

    Tandem hunting is easier in general than solo game. It becomes increasingly easier the hotter one’s GF is. There are many benefits of this technique versus solo sarging:

    The only disadvantage of tandem hunting is that the target must be desirable to both the PUA and the GF, and that she must be open to the idea of 3-some, even if this is not explicitly communicated until seduction begins.


    It was fun tandem hunting with Melissa last night.

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    maek lyons October 26, 2013 - 2:31 pm

    I’ve had about 10 threesomes. Some of these occurred when my girlfriend convinced her girlfriends to have threesomes. In these situations there was usually no sexual contact between the girls.(maybe some kissing) My best threesomes have occurred when my girlfriend spontaneously started kissing/making out with other women on the dance floor or near the bar. Eventually, my girlfriend would bring the girl over to meet me and we’d exchange a few words. The girl would say to herself “well, he’s pretty good looking and seems pretty nice, so yeah, I’ll have a threesome with these two” The three of us would then all half-drunkenly go home together. In bed, the two girls would really be going at it, and have to be aggressive and/or assertive to be sure that I was included and got to enjoy the other girl. Afterwards, we’d get the girl back to her car in the bar parking lot before it got awkward. On other occasions I’d go tandem hunting with girlfriends for other. It’s very exciting and very “bonding” to hunt for other girls with your girlfriend. The two of you will survey all the girls, decide which ones you want, and then decide how your girlfriend should approach them. Unfortunately, when your girlfriend approaches the girl, using a direct approach, the other girl will usually decline. The girl will usually say “Thanks for asking, but I’m not interested, I have a boyfriend.” Or “Sorry, but I’m totally straight” If the girl is pretty drunk though, and/or alone, you have a chance. Interestingly, II know a lot of straight girls who have been approached by other women for threesomes. I think tandem hunting is fairly common.

    alphawolf October 26, 2013 - 6:41 pm

    Agreed, if your girlfriend is cute most girl are down


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