Tandem Hunting

Quick Definition: The act of seeking out and picking up an HB with a GF. The term originates from hunting patterns of predators who team up in the wild.

Full Definition:

Hunting “in tandem” is a particularly fun process for a PUA with a GF or wingwoman who is willing to do so. Tandem hunting is a specific skill set further developed by Jlaix (from RSD) and other mPUAs on the forums who wanted to test the limits of threesomes and bi-sexual relationships.

In brief, tandem hunting is different than using pivots or wings. Pivots are used for social proof and flash game. Wings are hunting partners; although a wing hunts with the PUA, he or she is ultimately looking for their own “prey,” not sharing a prey with the PUA. (Let us assume that another male wing does not want a 3-some with you, though some targets may be more receptive if this idea is initiated in a GM style approach).

Tandem hunting is easier in general than solo game. It becomes increasingly easier the hotter one’s GF is. There are many benefits of this technique versus solo sarging:

The only disadvantage of tandem hunting is that the target must be desirable to both the PUA and the GF, and that she must be open to the idea of 3-some, even if this is not explicitly communicated until seduction begins.


It was fun tandem hunting with Melissa last night.

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