• Taking Care of Your Clothes

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Guest post by Debbie Anderson.

    How you treat your clothes is a big part of how long they’ll last and how good they’ll look. In other words: don’t skimp in the wardrobe maintenance department. You might have the highest quality trousers in all of Manville, but if they’re fuzzy, crumpled, and thinning at the knees, who cares?

    Style encompasses a lot of factors: fashion, grooming, body language, confidence, and attention to detail, which includes taking care of your clothes. Clothes that are properly maintained look sharper and more expensive. Here how to do it:


    Let’s start from the bottom: your shoes. Make sure they are polished and treated for the weather (i.e. waterproofed if you’re in a rainy or wintry part of the country). Shiny shoes is very attention to detail, indeed. Get yourself a basic shoe shine kit comprised of wax polish, a shine brush, shoe polish applicator and a shine cloth and use it to recover your shoes from scuffs and worn spots.


    Wooden shoe tree

    Speaking of shoes, a shoe tree is also a must. Buy a wooden tree to keep the shape of your shoes alive and prevent leather from warping and cracking. Shoe trees also position your shoes for greater air flow so excess moisture is absorbed (and you want this because excess moisture can be damaging and smelly).


    Wooden hangers


    Go wooden here, too. Wooden hangers are substantial enough to properly support your clothes and they don’t create the ugly creases that wire hangers do. As you hang your clothes, be sure there’s enough space between pieces to allow each to breathe and to resist the crumpling that comes from crowding your clothes. Hopefully, you have a closet in which to hang because clothe should be stored in a dry and cool place to prevent UV damage that causes color fading.

    Tie storage

    As for sweaters and ties, it’s best to not hang these items or they will stretch and lose some shape. For ties, fold them lengthwise and roll from the narrow end. Store in a box on their sides. For sweaters, fold and store. Never ever hang a sweater because the arms and shoulders become misshapen and out of sorts.


    Deal with stains immediately – the sooner the better or the mess will set and be harder to remove. The Internet is full of stain removal tips, but here’s a few for you: always treat a stain before washing the item, and blot the stain (don’t rub) with the cleaning agent, and finally don’t use hot water – it sets the stain.

    For the most common stains – ink, food grease and blood, use rubbing alcohol or hair spray; baby powder, Spray n’ Wash, and hot water (this time only); and salt and cold water, respectively.


    Use cedar chips or balls to protect wool from moths, hand wash delicate items (i.e. cashmere), and don’t overuse the dry cleaner because the chemicals can cause fabric breakdown. Hang dry quality pieces because heat will also eat at fabric and when you iron, watch the steam and heat setting.

    We just covered the basics. sure, but follow the guidelines above and your clothing will look better and last longer, and unless you’re a billionaire with money to blow, who doesn’t want that?


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