Takeshi Kaneshiro on Asian Actors in Hollywood

Many of us have, over time moved away from your Asian heritage to embrace western culture, especially here in the States. I see Asian guys now hitting the gym, listening to rap music and dating white girls. Cool :)

Some of us, though, have also moved away from the things about our cultures that made us great. When I was in grade school in Taiwan, my teachers ALWAYS reminded me to treat elders with respect. “One day, you will be old too. And when you are old you will realize how good it was to be young again, like you are now!”. This Confucian philosophy is not without roots. Asian families stay together and are more cohesive. This is not specific to Asia. In fact, upon my visit to Brazil, I found many families living together. Although they have less space than the big houses of their American counter-parts, there was more social kinetic energy in the house. Kids run around and play. Auntie cooking in the kitchen.  The teenagers watching TV. There was so much love and companionship all around.

Today, many of my co-workers live in big houses, alone, or sometimes, with a boyfriend or girlfriend who they are too afraid to let go because of the fear of loneliness. Indeed, capitalistic and individualistic, America has become a society of independence. While there are good parts to this, there are side effects as well.

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