Quick Definition: A type of more serious roll off, where the PUA totally disengages temporarily from the target or group after hooking the set. A takeaway can last from a few seconds to hours depending on the situation.

Full Definition:

The idea of the “takeaway” is to literally take away the PUA’s strong presence from the woman, to make her feel a sense of detachment from you. While in the PUA’s presence, the sun is shining down on her; when the PUA leaves, so does the sun. The positive emotions associated with his presence are also taken away, and she is left in the rain. Relating to cat string theory, takeaways can be powerful push and pull plays during a seduction.

A takeaway can include going to talk to another girl, or leaving on purpose to go to the bathroom or get a drink.

Sometimes during takeaways the PUA may not have opportunity to see the girl again. In these cases, it is important to either make a note to follow-up, or genuinely not care and have a “next” mentality. A takeaway can also help recover a stalling set, but make the girl wonder why the PUA left. They can be even be done mid-sentence as a PUA’s attention drifts elsewhere as a neg to SHBs.


Do a takeaway with the 2 set right now, I need you to wing my set now anyway.

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