AKA hugger

Quick Definition: A GPUA or rAFC that follows a more experienced PUA around in the hopes of gaining knowledge from his sets without offering any value in return.

Full Definition:

A tailgater is a value taker. While it is fine to see a demonstration by a more experienced PUA in a seminar or bootcamp setting, hovering and hoping to benefit from other’s sets when the tailgater is not friends with the PUA is generally low status behavior.

In the worst case, tailgaters will interrupt sets, DLV the PUA through uncalibrated behavior, and generally act as a cockblock. The best way to deal with a tailgater is to politely tell him to go away, tell him to RTFM, distract him with a pawn, or simply ignore him.


I had a tailgater who kept interrupting my sets, so I had to change to another venue.

Related Terms: Hugger, FNG, GPUA, AFC, Social Hierarchy

Source: Vincent Chase

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