T-shirts are casual shirts that do not have collars or buttons.  They are typically made of stretchy material such as cotton, and are usually short-sleeved.  In the past, t-shirts would be worn under another shirt, e.g. dress shirt, but with relaxed social norms, t-shirts are primarily worn on their own.  T-shirts can come in a number of different colors, and have various prints, patterns or writing written on them.  T-shirts are especially popular forms of merchandise for sports teams, musicians, colleges, and witty sayings.  Men’s t-shirts come in a range of sizes, from small to quadruple extra-large.  T-shirts originated as the result of need; men working in industry had a need for comfortable garments that they could wear both on their own and underneath protective gear. This was also the case for men enlisted in the armed services in the United States. These shirts, later dubbed “t-shirts,” because of the t shape that is outlined over the shoulders and torso, quickly became a fashion staple for the working man.

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Throughout the 20th century, they became more commonplace and popular not just for working men, but upper class men as well who wore them during sports and other leisurely activities such as shop.  T-shirts in the present day are worn to demonstrate individualism rather than conformity as was the case when they first originated.  People can have t-shirts custom made to have personal slogans, quotes, or other sayings stamped on them.  Men getting together for a bachelor or stag party can order custom-made t-shirts to memorialize the occasion, for instance.  The same can be said for women going to a bachelorette or hen party.  While t-shirts are great at providing a sense of individuality for many men, they can be used to unite them, especially when worn to highlight either a sports team that they participate on, or a sports team that they are fans of and for which they root.  T-shirts are in many ways the most popular garment for both men and women, in addition to jeans.  While t-shirts were originally worn in limited ways, many men now wear them for casual and semi-casual looks to express their own personalities on the one hand, and group identity on the other.

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