Quick Definition: A guy who is not naturally good at game or socializing. He needs to be brought “up to speed” on social dynamics.

Full Definition:

DJ Fuji coined this term, referring to “synthetic” guys as part of his demographic of students. These are the 40 year old virgins or the 20+ computer programmers who lack general social skills and may be construed as “weird” by the regular jock or regular college grad.

Synthetics are harder to teach because they need to cram in years of social experience quickly and are “behind the curve.” Oftentimes, they may be older, in their 30s, 40s, or 50s, and it becomes more difficult to break the old habits and patterns of behavior that is needed to exude confidence and high status.

Oftentimes, synthetic coaches like DJ Fuji and other former “nerds” have a stronger insight into how to coach these guys, starting from scratch. Their insight comes from their own experiences that natural coaches may not be able to relate to.

transformer devastator
Synthetics need to be transformed – from the ground up


Lee is definitely a synthetic

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