• Synthetic Oneitis

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: An artificial creation of “love” that the PUA can encompass around his attention and interactions with a woman of choice, as if she’s the love of his life for a temporary moment.

    Full Definition:

    Oneitis is usually a reference for a guy who is unreasonably invested in a girl who doesn’t like him. In this case, Jeffy is using the term to explain how to create the effect of “you’re the one for me” using in field tactics. Similar to Casanova’s memoirs, he immerses himself in the seduction process, and she becomes the singular point of his focus. The attention and the ability to draw that person in is called synthetic oneitis.

    casanova pua

    Casanova was a master at creating synthetic oneitis

    How do you create love where this is none? Julien explained this in the April 2013 San Diego Free Tour: “they girls know, at the core, that I’m joking, and it is a fantasy of love. But they choose to believe it, because it is fun and they are along for the ride. To an extent, I am invested too, you have to be if you’re in the game”

    Usage: I can create an effect of true love with synthetic oneitis anchors via NLP

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