• Survival and Replication Value (S&R)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The degree to which a man is able to contribute to a woman’s biological goals of survival (security) and replication (having good genes). Also sometimes abbreviated as SnR value.

    Full Definition:

    In MM bootcamps, Matador and Mystery make it clear that, despite what one may think his goals in life are, our primitive biological brain and body are wired to survive and replicate, ultimately ensuring the passing on of our genes. Thus, whenever this goal is compromised via the inability to attract to opposite sex, life becomes out of sync, and we feel stressed.

    S&R value refers to a person’s survival and replication value. In the past—and to some extend even today—men have higher survival value, but lower replication value. Women have a high replication high, but lower survival value. Thus, approximately 70% of a male’s attraction is based on physical fitness and looks, for replication purposes, while a great balance (~70%) of a woman’s attraction triggers are based on emotions and long term characteristics. In Sperm Wars, Robin Baker details how women are genetically wired to mate with the most physically dominant male for the best genes (physical looks), but marry or stay long term with a male that has the most resources and is emotional stable to help her raise her children.


    A SHB’s S&R value is very high in our society today.

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    Source: Mystery

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