Surprising Things Women Find Sexy About Men

Guest post by Debbie Anderson.

1. Body hair.

It doesn't matter what the ads show, some hair on the body is just fine by us. In fact, that entirely shaved look? We're not a fan. You'll look like our gal pals. (And unless you're a biker or a swimmer, please don't shave your legs.)

2. Facial hair.

Speaking of hair, a light fuzz on your cheeks and chin is super appealing. Cleanly shaved works for professional looks, but out and about on the weekends? A goatee or some other facial hair? Hot.

Grey haired men are hot.

3. Grey hair.

Yep, grey hair. George Clooney much? Sean Connery? Richard Gere? A distinguished man with grey hair gets us every time.

4. Baldness.

Still speaking of hair or the lack thereof, we're OK with an elegant bald man. More than OK. The key here is to be completely bald with no comb overs or wandering strands. Grooming a bald head is just as important as taking care of hair.

Bald men are hot.

5. Gentleness.

We see you laughing with that child or helping that elderly woman with the door. Believe me when I say that watching a man be tender and loving is a huge turn on. Plus, we know that if you're good to people you don't know, you'll be great to us.

6. Cleanliness.

Personal cleanliness as well as general domestic cleanliness. Keep yourself tidy and let us see you taking out the garbage. Better yet, do the dishes after dinner. That one goes far.

7. Glasses.

Eyeglasses say “smart and sexy.” Of course, the glasses need to be the “right” glasses, and it's best to pick the thinner lenses if you have a high prescription, because coke bottles don't have much allure. The “right” glasses are fairly simple with few adornments and fit your face (a few hints: if you have a long face, choose a wide frame, if you have a wide face, angular and more narrow frames balance the shape). Finding the perfect frames isn't always easy, but it can be done.

Men with glasses are hot.

8. Sense of purpose.

Have a goal in life. Some ambition. A dream.  Layabouts and couch potatoes need not apply. A man with a sense of purpose and initiative is practically irresistible.


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