Support System

AKA Instructor Support System

Quick Definition: A social network or system that the artist has set up that gives him the support he needs in improving his game by obtaining ongoing and genuine feedback.

Full Definition:

A lot of students of game drop out or otherwise give up because of the lack or a support system. Before the internet, only the best and most ambitious seducers succeeded because they had to rely on themselves. Since the spread of online forums, an online community of posts within a geographical lair would support each other with feedback. However, this is still not enough. Long term coaching and actually building a social circle with guys who are good with women is important.

Having genuine friends outside of pickup as well as family that support you in whatever you decide to do with your life is very important, although not completely necessary for improvement in game.


It is important to have a support system that increases the effectiveness of your efforts toward your goals.

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