• Supplication

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: To ask, request, or otherwise express a wish for a favor from someone else by lowering one’s value relative to the benefactor. In PU terms, the act of doing something for a girl that a man normally would not do, in the hopes of getting affection and intimate with her.

    Full Definition:

    The official dictionary definition of supplicate includes “To ask for humbly or earnestly, as by praying.” In this sense, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes in a business, a startup founder needs to become humble and earnestly ask for guidance, help, or a partnership with bigger entities.

    In pickup, however, supplicating behavior is frowned upon. With women, it shows a lack of power and willingness to trade value for sexual favors. With men, it shows a willingness to throw away one’s values temporarily for access to social resources. (This is different than respect, whereby the PUA lowers his value out of respect for the alpha male, without compromising his core values).

    In both cases, supplication works against the PUA, as seduction is an art form of building and accentuating one’s value and not de-valuing oneself. There are instances in warfare and in business where planned genuine supplication is key to winning the war against a stronger opponent. For example, Talleyrand’s orchestrated escaped of Napoleon from Elba was an ego boost for the emperor to once again retake France. Unknowingly, the whole escape was done so that Napoleon could be defeated and sent further away to Africa, allowing Europe to be free from Napoleon’s influence due to proximity (Art of War / 48 Laws of Power). Even in war, supplication is usually a mask to deceive the opponent into underestimating their competition.


    I don’t encourage supplication behavior in myself, and definitely not in my social circle either, to me or anyone else.

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