• Superman Stamina Product Review

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Superman Stamina Review by PUA Lingo

    Having a hook up with the 2 Girls Teach Sex crew is awesome. Not only do I get emails directly from what I imagine to be super hot girls (one can fantasize, right?), they also give me access to the latest product updates and send me free stuff from their catalog. If you’re jealous right now, leave a comment below. Anyway, in this post, I will review the Superman Stamina product from 2 Girls Teach Sex.

    superman stamina product

    Real Demonstrations are key to learning. This is the most valuable part of the whole course. You’re getting hands on, real sex experience from  professional porn stars. Kenni is a great guy because he really slows down and takes the time to explain and repeat what he’s doing right. He also comes across as very empathetic to the viewer and guys in general. In one video, he literally pauses every minute to explain what he’s doing, all the way up to a very controlled and yet freeing orgasm. It was intense!

     The Cock Control series basically shows Kenni being overwhelmed by three cock-hungry girls and how he’s able to control his sexual stamina to satisfy all of them (or at least the end of the scene). He explains each position, the pros and cons, and how to balance and manage 3 girls in bed.

    ***Special Bonus footage is here. Warning – none of the stuff is safe for work! In addition to the main video courses, the bonus videos show you how to implement a few hacks to your sexual performance by “slowing down” or “cooling off” your ramp to the finish line, so the girl enjoys herself too.


    1. The girls were super top notch quality – what a great cast selection of girls who like sex and appear to be having fun.
    2. Kenni is a master and a great presenter
    3. Some of the videos you may be able to find in the original 2 girls teach sex series, so be sure to check your original DVDs to make sure you don’t have any of these scenes. Even if you do, most of the videos are new in this course.
    4. I wish they zoomed into the penis in a few more scenes (I know, I sound totally gay) to see how Kenni is actively controlling it while he’s doing certain moves or breathing patterns.
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