Success Barriers

Quick Definition: The natural barriers that a person’s ego sets up in order to prevent him or her from embracing change, clinging onto old beliefs and thought patterns because the ego is afraid of the consequences of success.

Full Definition:

Success barriers exist because the ego is afraid of change, and it is actually a safety mechanism that is in place to retain what is comfortable now and “working enough” so that you can procreate and pass on your genes. However, this evolutionary mechanism, if left unchecked, also prevents us from achieving personal happiness and fulfilling our live’s purpose beyond that of passing on our biological genes.

In recognizing “the fear of success”, and identifying it, PUAs are better able to deal with the eventual success that will come from continued effort and practice at getting good with women. Sometimes success barriers are difficult to admit, because admitting them represents a reality that we are not yet willing to accept: i.e. I’m not as good looking as the male models working today (even though I’m pretty good looking on average). The reframing of the acceptance of reality is, “I am good looking to the extent that any woman should find me reasonably attractive with my whole combination of looks, personality and life goals”

What are your own success barriers?

Owen explains Success Barriers in pickup starting at 2:10:


Recognize your own success barriers, and make a conscious decision to address them.

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