AKA non-verbal communication

Quick Definition: Messages that communicated between people without being stated in words, stemming from one’s body language, vibe, double meanings, movement, and actions in a given situation.

Full Definition:

The reason mPUAs often say, “It doesn’t matter what you say as your pickup line” is because of subcommunication. The master can take a bad line and make it good by the subcommunication of his frame. The newbie can take a good line, but still mess it up because of his subcommunication.

A PUA who has strong core values and is congruent in his game with his life purpose and beliefs will naturally have strong non-verbal communication during his pickups. There are also very subtle differences between the socially elite and how their subcommunications come through. For example, the higher value person always reacts less, and generally remains un-phased in high social pressure situations compared to low value people.


What do you think you are subcommunicating when you talk about computers, but in a very passionate way?

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