• Stylist (Fashion)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    A “stylist” is often known in the media as a “personal stylist” or “wardrobe stylist”. It can also refer to hair, makeup and costume stylists that all coordinate within a creative project to create a certain look or feel about a person or a specific line of clothing.

    A new breed of stylists have evolved and these Stylists are also known as Fashion Consultants, AKA Style Consultants.

    In the past, women used to be stylists but now more and more men have taken attention with person style. The number of celebrity and regular stylists have grown over the years and trade associations such as Association of Image Consultants and The Federation of Image Consultants (UK) and style training schools have developed.

    drew barrymore stylist

    Drew Barrymore's different looks

    Stylists work in a range of industries, most notably, personal and celebrity stylists help a prominent figure out how they are perceived to the outside world and their personal branding. Business professionals often seek stylists to help them look a certain way and communicate power and sophistication. Dating coaches have been known to provide style advice that makes a man much more attractive. Stage product stylists ensures a particular artist or band look and feel a certain way at a show.


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