Style Q&A With Style Consultant Daniel Johnson

Daniel is a professional style consultant in the UK. He recently partnered with Kezia Noble to help men dress to impress the opposite sex and I caught word of him through her seminar series. As a fellow style consultant (part time) I was very curious about what he does day to day and his own style transformation. Here are his tips that will help you develop your own style as well.

Subject: Style Q&A
Interviewer: Vince Lin
Guest: Daniel Johnson
Occupation: Professional Style Consultant

Here’s Daniels Before and After Style Picture:


1.Tell us a little bit about your history with style consulting. How did you get into it?

I got to know some of the top UK PUA’s whilst I was at university. At the time I was just teaching myself how to be a ‘style consultant’ and one of the very well known PUA’s asked me to speak at an event in London, the event was filmed and released on to the internet where a few people started to notice it, about 6 months later I was invited to speak at another event and put together a quick strategy guide to get the seminar attendee’s looking good before they left. I spoke to one guy (who was exceptionally well dressed) and told him that he didn’t need my help, he told me that he’d seen my video I recorded 6 months previous and went and bought clothes based on my advice, I couldn’t believe it! I knew right then that I should per sue Style consultancy as a career.

2. Were you always “stylish”?

Definitely not. I came out of a 5 year relationship when I was 19 which had made me lazy, I had long greasy hair and didn’t take too much care of how I dressed either, a change was needed. I managed to blag my way into jobs at the best men’s clothes stores & worked my way up to the store stylist rather quickly. Every time a guy came into the store and wanted an outfit it was always me who was pushed forward to help him, so I started learned by necessity. I was so eager to learn all the tricks, tips and theories of style consulting that I worked for free some days just to get the practice in.

3. What did Kezia say when she first saw you?

kezia noble

“Are you gay?”. Of course she didn’t, I’m only joking :P

I met Kezia quite a long time ago, before I’d even started my Style Consultancy. We worked on a documentary for French national television, super draggeurs I think they called it. It was around 12 months after that a mutual friend introduced us.

4. What is a typical day like for a “style consultant”, if a “typical day” exists?

No two days are the same. I’ll wake up in London and finish my day Edinburgh, then move on to Manchester to catch a plane to France. It can be really demanding sometimes. I spend most of my time with clients, making sure they look their best for the events they’re attending or for the job they work. I like to keep on top of current fashion trends so I might travel to Europe to keep an eye on the fashion shows there too. Every client has their reasons for wanting to see me, a big event they’re speaking at, to get a promotion in their career, to get more attention from women – it’s very rare that two clients are the same.

5. Do you advise clients on dating as well?

Yes and no. Working with Kezia and her team I’ve naturally picked up some of the things they teach, it goes with the old phrase “if you stay in a barber shop long enough, you’ll eventually have a haircut”. If anything I advise clients from my own experience, just like one friend to another would, I like to make my service much more personal & professional this way because knowing the clients personality goes hand in glove with how I dress them.

6. What are the 3 most common style mistakes that your clients make?

There aren’t mistakes my clients make specifically but there are certain things that men in general tend to get wrong, here’s my top 3;

  • Repetition & Replacement – When clothes get worn out guys tend to replace them with identical items. This means that a guys style stays exactly the same and never grows or develops. To put it simply, It’s just plain boring. If you’ve ever found yourself saying something like ‘I don’t know why those guys think they look good in that then you’re probably guilty of being stuck in a style rut.
  • Over size – Guys always buy clothes that are far too big for them. Especially blazers/ suit jackets and wide fitting jeans are another. The fact is that over sized clothes are terrible for your image! they make you look frumpy and unkempt. 9 times out of 10 the main reason for ill fitting clothes is;
  • NOT TRYING CLOTHES ON – get your self in the fitting room and try the clothes on. You worked hard for your money so spend it wisely, don’t spend it on Marshmallow man’s jacket or Ronald McDonalds pants.

7. Tell us a little bit about your style guide book

As well as one-on-one consultancy I’ve created a unique website that allows me to conduct style consultations online. it’s there because not every one can afford to have a one-on-one session or indeed afford to travel to see me, I hate it when some one wants to make a positive change to themselves but they either cant afford it or live too far away. So I create individual, made to measure style guides for clients through my website. They cost around $65 and I, or one of my team will compile a bespoke style guide for you that details exactly how to look your best, from your best colours to the best jeans & the best suits for you and a hell of alot more. Its 40 pages of advice and guidance made ‘just for you’, no two style guides are the same because no two clients are the same. I also offer online mentoring too, if a client wants style advice from me I’ve got a system that can put us in direct contact.

8. What are some mental barriers to improving a client’s style that is not wardrobe related?

I could never wear that“, “I’m too old“, “I’d look stupid in that” or “people will think I’m gay“.

It really comes down to perception. People worry how they are perceived by others far too much. I’ve worked with clients in who are in their 70’s and clients in their teenage years – trust me, however old, young, fat, thin, tall, short, black, white, blonde or ginger you are you’re never in a position to NOT LOOK YOUR BEST. We’re all unique in our own ways, don’t be scared to show it off.

9. Are men more stylish in the UK?

I’d love to say yes.

The truth is though I really can’t say. In the U.S guys tend to wear more relaxed fitting clothing with a focus on minimalism – the king of which is Calvin Klein – he has an entire room in his house with nothing but a large stone sphere sat in the middle, it’s his nod to minimalism and simplicity. In the UK we like the smaller details and we tend to wear much slimmer fitting, more tailored clothing. This difference between mainstream fashion in the UK, Europe and the U.S.A is becoming less and less. One thing to remember though is the differences in the weather and the temperature, a British gentleman on Miami beach would stand out like a sore thumb.

10. What are 3 tips that our readers can do right now, to improve their success on the next date or next social event?

Rule 1 – dress ‘one up’ – what I mean by this is push your comfort zone. If you go out to a bar in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans then dress ‘one up’ like your going out for dinner. An open white shirt, sleeves folded up with a pair of fitted pants and desert boots, finished with a few funky accessories on your wrist will get you SO MUCH MORE ATTENTION. The key is to look smart and casual all at once, like you’re flirting with formality, a loosely tied leather tie adds instant sex appeal.

Rule 2 – The key is in the details. here’s a real quick checklist to make sure you’re looking sharp before you leave the house;

  • Empty your pockets – all you need is your cell, bank card, I.D and cash. Nothing else. A money clip will earn you far more style points than a wallet can – an unnecessary bulge in your pockets might lead to unwanted attention.
  • Get a new cologne – We anchor smells and sounds to certain things, if you’re using the same cologne as you have on previous dates or if its the same cologne your ex bought you then those feelings are anchored in that cologne. Pass through the mall on the way to your date or night out and get a splash of something fresh on (just use the sample bottles). I love Paul Smith’s ‘optimistic’ at the moment – its so fresh and summery and will put you in a great mood.
  • Have you ever used face scrub? Use it. Your face will feel fresh all night and you won’t be able to stop smiling, trust me, its subtle but it works.

Rule 3 – Don’t dress differently for this one occasion – You’re going on a date, if you’re going out in clothes you don’t feel comfortable in you’ll spend the whole night worrying you look bad, or if what you’re wearing is correct. You might be nervous anyway so don’t make it worse by dressing uncomfortably. This may seem a slight contrast to Rule 1, so try your new look out before hand and get opinions on it from your friends or even better, from strangers. Get your friend to ask a stranger, ‘what do you think of how he’s dressed’. If you make sure the stranger is far enough away that you can’t hear their opinion, they’ll be totally honest to your friend.

The best way though is to hire a style consultant – a professional consultation is worth it’s weight in gold.

You can make a booking with me or my team on the following; [email protected] or visit the website,  where we can produce your own bespoke style guide or offer you online mentoring.


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