Structured Game

Quick Definition: A type of seduction that focuses on the teaching process, routines, and techniques.

Full Definition:

Structured game is the type of game best exemplified by Mystery’s M3 Model and other schools of pickup that focus heavily on canned materials and routines.

However, many people make the mistake that structured game is only about the routines and lines. While structured game does focus a lot on canned material, the ultimate goal is to develop understanding, using the canned material as training wheels that the aPUA uses to learn the structure of the game. Once these structures have been internalized, PUAs can begin to improvise and incorporate their own material.

The pitfall of structured game is that it can sometimes lack in the development of inner game. Thus, BAFCs who tend to study structured material such as MM find difficulty in developing congruence and authenticity in integrating the method into their own personalities. Worse still, some men who learn structured game lean too heavily on the canned material and end up becoming social robots who repeat memorized lines and routines over and over again.

Naturals and men who are already good with women find trouble in learning structured game at first. As with all arts, the PUA must experiment, keep, and discard areas of game that work for them.

Although a sharp divide is often made between structured and natural game in the seduction community, the two are actually very similar. Even naturals incorporate some sort of structure to their game, even if it is highly improvisational, and most followers of structured game begin to improvise once they’ve mastered the structure of a pickup. Thus, the difference between the two is often just one of mentality and marketing.


Wolf’s game is definitely more structured right now compared to Mike.

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