• Stretch Denim

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Stretch denim is a type of denim which has been mixed with an elastic component such as elastane to give it more flexibility and stretch capacity. Stretch denim is used almost exclusively in women’s jeans, since women typically wear jeans that are tighter than men’s (often skin tight), and the added elasticity allows for movement even in tight jeans.

    Stretch denim can sometimes be confused with spandex and other elastic materials which have been given a denim look or texture. However, stretch denim is not spandex or faux denim, it is actual denim which has been mixed with a small amount of elastic material.

    Tight Stretch Denim Jeans

    TIght jeans often require stretch denim

    Stretch Denim

    Putting stretch denim to good use

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