Street Hypnosis

Quick Definition: The act of performing NLP and hypnosis out in the street.

Full Definition:

The phenomena of street hypnosis started a few years ago, starting with videos being posted about street hypnosis done on the street. Some artists say it was started by the Head Hacking Crew in the UK, and slowly expanded to other areas of the world.

Street Hypnosis involved opening people on the street, and “performing” a hypnosis routine. Because of the similar nature of “opening sets”, PUAs have become involved in the street hypnosis movement.

The difference between a PUA and Hypnosis is that the PUA doesn’t communicate to the audience that he’s running a “hypnosis performance”. Instead, the PUA calibrates and gains compliance via normal social dynamics, and can install into the interaction subliminal NLP patterns to create a certain state, feeling or desired action.

The relationship between performing to “pick up girls” and for “entertainment and self amusement” purposes and the identities of PUAs and Hypnotists remains to be fully developed.

I.e. Vince Lynch

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Let’s run some street hypnosis routines at Union Square (San Francisco)

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