Street Game

Quick Definition: Specific type of game where a PUA tries to pickup girls on the street, usually involving moving sets.

Full Definition:

Street game dynamics are different in tha,t most of the time, viable targets will be in motion. As such, the first part of successful street game is effectively stopping the set from moving. This can be achieved verbally and with strong body language that conveys value, or with shock and surprise in a positive manner.

HBs that are opened and hooked during street game tend to be more receptive, as they are not expecting guys to pick them up. It also communicates many subtle DHVs, such as courage to approach on the street, alpha body language, and solid conversational skills.

Example of street game with AFC Adam:


We were doing street game down at Union Square in San Francisco the other day.


Related Terms: Moving set, Opener, Day Game, Night Game, Body Language

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