Street Cred

AKA Street Credit

Quick Definition: The unofficial credibility of a person within the common residents of his local community.

Full Definition:

Street cred is the authority among a niche group of people within a “tribe.” Related to “buzz,” street cred is built up when others talk about you positively in your trade without you being there. Street credibility differs in that it is a breakaway from traditional credibility. For example, doctors and lawyers and teachers have academic credibility, while a rapper or an alternative medicine doctor has street cred. For decades, acupuncture was considered “alternative” because it lacked street cred, when, in fact, it has been scientifically proven and practiced in China for thousands of years.

In Pick Up, sometimes a dating coach has immense street cred, but bad business skills. Mystery was such a person before he met Savoy. PUAs sometimes work for larger companies because they have great street cred but lower skills or passion for building a company.

Ideally, a person has high street cred and conventional credibility. However, sometimes increasing one requires losing the other. 50 cent had immense street cred when he got into the rap scene and was able to maintain it, thus becoming “new money” and eventually building his empire. Today, he has both street and traditional entertainment credibility.

The game Saints Row The Third uses street cred to build up the character and his crew:


Watch your real street credibility with the Denver lair, they don’t trust you yet.

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