Strawberry Fields Routine

Original version by Maniac High:

Intro: Hey, let’s play a game!Imagine you are alone in a field, and see a strawberry field in front of you with tasty strawberries.

There is a fence/gate around the field. How high is it?

(= how easy is this girl/guy to take sex)

How you are in the strawberry field, how many strawberries do you take?

(=how many BFs/GFs that person wants)

Ok, after you have finished enjoying the strawberries, how do you feel about the farmer, whose field you took them from?

(=how you feel to that person after “sleeping with” them)

A More Detailed Version by Captain Jack:

CJ: “Ok, I’m not sure about you, I’m going to give you the Strawberry Fields test.”

CJ: “You’re walking down the street and you come across a strawberry field, how high is the fence?”  If they struggle a little, just say “show me with your hands.”

HB: ** says some height **

CJ: “Ok, good. That’s interesting.”

CJ: “You get inside, how many strawberries do you eat?”

HB: *** says some number ***

CJ: “oh…my…god **shaking head** I could NEVER take you home to momma.” The HB usually smiles and says, “What? What? Why?” Ignore that and say

CJ: “Ok, what about the farmer?”

She’ll usually say, “What ABOUT the farmer?” Or, “there’s a farmer?” Then, you tell them what it means. I give the SAME interpretation every time.

CJ: “The fence has to do with your goals and aspirations in life. You said ‘this high’, that’s good because it is high enough to give you some challenge but not so high you can’t accomplish your goals.”

CJ: “The strawberries…wow! You said *** x number *** oh my god! Most people say 2! She’s usually begging to know what it means by this time.

CJ: “Strawberries have to do with your sex drive. Oh my god…  you’d have me handcuffed to the bed. I’d need Gatorade…”

CJ: “And, the farmer has to do with society’s rules and regulations regarding sex and sexual relationships…and you said, “what about the farmer?”