Quick Definition: Avoiding direct replies and giving evasive statements in a social interaction.

Full Definition:

Stonewalling is a diplomatic technique often used by governments to delay or block a request for further information about a certain event, person, and political subject.

In pick up, sometimes artists will be able to approach and successfully open a group. However, one or more of the girls or guys will stonewall you, depending on their reaction to you in the set.

Stonewalling can be an effective tactic to avoid certain people in social situations. The trick is to do it subtly, so that the larger social group is not aware of your apparent “rudeness.” Some women will straight out “stonewall” any guys coming into her group, in which case, a man can:

  • Engage the source of the stonewall and get her to open up
  • Applaud her for her consistency, and throw her off her pattern
  • Ignore her for the time being
  • Get one of her friends to help you open her up
  • Be so amusing as to win over the whole group but her

There are a variety of different ways to handle being stonewalled. The important thing to realize is that you’re having a good time. Don’t let other people have the power to affect your feelings to such an extent. And always handle yourself with class.

stonewalling in relationships


Her fat friend is totally stonewalling us. If we don’t handle this she will cockblock the bounce.

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