Steve Jabba

Steve was the original inspiration of a cool natural that Gambler (Richard La Ruina) documented in his videos and books from PUA Training. Dealing with being a public figure and depression, he chose not to jump on the PUA Training train and public limelight that flashes across the seduction community in 2008-2011. Recently, Steve has gotten more and more concerned about the misinformation and mis-guidance of the whole community and has launched his own website, In his own words:

I see so much cringeworthy, plain stupid behaviour around women when I am out. Who gives advice to these guys? Where do they get this information?

I feel it is now time to get out there and offer something different to the misinformation that is written in the dating / seduction arena. I believe much of it is the wrong way round. Do this if she says this. Say this, then this then this. There is very little dating / attraction specific advice about getting to the root of it all and becoming an authentic, naturally attractive man, who believes that he is good enough in and of himself to get the woman he desires.

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