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    Real Name: AKA Playboy from The Game
    Age: 37
    Website: http://www.how-to-get-a-girlfriend.com

    Every PUA has a back story, and the story of Stephen Nash starts with a broken heart.  Were it not for one woman that shredded his dignity and heart to a million pieces, the world might have missed out on his extraordinary services as one of the most talented PUA’s to date.  He is the co-founder of Cutting Edge Image Consulting (CEIC) and before becoming a PUA extraordinaire, he spent the bulk of his career styling the men of New York and helping them ensure their image was en pointe towards a track for success.

    One of the original members of the Los Angeles based “Project Hollywood”, Stephen’s talents in the world of the pickup were featured in Neil Strauss’s  The Game where he became known as Playboy.  Since then, he has worked to not only hone his own skills in the game, but to help other men create their own natural style in meeting and attracting the right women for them.  His image consulting business co-founded with Michael Cross is not just about getting the right look, but about establishing lasting and healthy relationships that hold far more depth and meaning than those that begin with standard pickup lines.

    His client list numbers in the thousands, and he has helped just as many men all over the world.  His success has become so well known that he is frequently sought out for interviews with other dating gurus all over the world.  And, Stephen knows and teaches well, that as much fun as those one night stands and short term flings can be, he would much rather see today’s man establish natural relationships that are successful at the long term level.

    Stephen Nash is the author of How to Get a Girlfriend and has also recently released an audiobook and ebook program The Natural Art of the Pickup to show how to get past the short term mentality and create the relationship you really want. He can also be found on Twitter @Stephen Nash

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