• Status Anxiety

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The fear of someone new in the game or a new “venue” not having the social status or knowledge that others may have because they have been in it longer or know people. The anxiety that a person has when they have no idea what the social hierarchy of the new group is, as a survival and protection method of the past caveman days.

    Full Definition:

    Status anxiety can be a problem for anyone who is trying to learn something new. New grads also have this problem when they go in for Having your own values, and holding yourself to them. If you don’t have you have status in a particular environment, your brain will literally shut you down.

    Possible causes of status anxiety

    Possible causes of status anxiety

    How do you get past status anxiety?

    By understanding what it is you want, and living up to them.

    By learning self acceptance – as long as I am on my journey to get to where I want to go, or even taking a break (recharging), I am fully accepting myself at this present moment. Have compassion for yourself, loving yourself and accepting you are on your journey

    5:55 Owen talks about status anxiety and how to “sort it out”:


    Usage: You have status anxiety right now in this venue.

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