Statement of Empathy

Quick Definition: A statement that reflects what the other person may be feeling at the time.

Full Definition:

Julien’s ultimate tool, because his game is so based on emotional “push” and “pull”, is so throw in a statement of empathy when his “push” creates a reaction that he may have gone too far. This is usually used as a rapport building tool in negotiations in better understanding the other party’s position.

A statement of empathy can occur anything the girl is feeling uncomfortable, or feels too antagonized by you.

An example of statement of empathy is, “I’m sorry, I know that was a little too much. I know I feel a bit overwhelmed when someone opens with a sex joke as well” and then, it is important to continue onto another thread. The empathetic statement is registered, and she doesn’t have time to respond of dwell on it too much and become overly negative.

Just using statements of empathy alone on a date can work with some girls. However, in pick up, emotional push and pull is important for attraction. Therefore, tease the girl, and then pull back if you need to. Any master PUA knows how to BHRR and push and pull like a champ, which creates an emotional roller-coaster for the woman and instantly create attraction.

A pat on the shoulder is usually a physical statement of empathy and understanding

Usage: A statement of empathy is great when you may have gone a little too far.

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