Quick Definition: “The zone”; the feeling of being in a state of flow.

Full Definition:

Because emotions are contagious, and women are especially sensitive to emotions, it is important for the PUA to be in a positive emotional state before going out into the field. Different PUAs have different methods of getting into state, but some common methods include going for a run, grabbing a coffee, listening to exciting music, or watching a comedy show. Doing warm-up sets can also help a PUA get into state. The important thing is to get into a fun and playful state before going out.

Beyond just being happy, being in state also involves being in the moment. aPUAs often come across as robotic and incongruent because they are stuck inside their heads, trying to figure out what to say next. More experienced PUAs do not consciously worry about the next action; rather, they get into a positive state and do what comes naturally. A good way to regain state if you’re lost in your thoughts is to close your eyes, listen to all the sounds around you, and shut out any thoughts. This will help you to get back into the moment, rather than over-think the situation.


Brandon was totally in state last night!

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