State Pump

AKA “Pumping State”

Quick Definition: Actions and events that increase a target’s emotional state.

Full Definition:

PUAs have devised techniques for “pumping state” with a target. Sometimes, as the club closes, girls will stay outside. A bounce or extraction will require pumping state if not enough attraction and value has been built. For example:

PUA: There’s a GREAT soup restaurant open right now. We should go eat

HB: It’s late. I’m tired.

HB’s friends: I’m hungry. But I’m tired also.

PUA and friends: [Talk and vibe for the moment]

PUA: Oh my god! Your friend is so cute! I’m totally adopting her as my little attack kitten! (Playful punch)

PUA: I’ll show you a salsa spin really quickly. That’s how it’s done. Good job! High five!

PUA: Want to go grab something to eat?

Girls girl code each other.

HB: Okay. But we have to be back by 3am.

PUA: Done.

The reason state pumps work is because girls (and guys) respond first to emotion, if the emotion is strong enough.


We need to pump these girl’s state before we pull them back to the apartment.

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