State Crash

Quick Definition: An event that happens which completely changes your emotional state in a negative way.

Full Definition:

State crashes can happen for a variety of reasons. Let’s say your good friend got fired today. You feel bad for him. Of course, bad events happen in life that can cause state crashes.

The crashes we refer to are usually in field, so they are less serious in the long run. State crashes in-field can include and are not limited to:

  1. Finding out the girl has a boyfriend
  2. Getting rejected harshly after a good run
  3. Getting AMOGGed
  4. Boyfriend shows up at the club
  5. She gets stolen by a friend

In any of these events, a master doesn’t have state crashes because he already expects the myriad of events that could happen out in the club. How you determine events in the club can affect your state.

In most cases, unless there was a fight where someone was really hurt, the events at any nightclub have no real repercussions so you should have have state crashes at the bar scene.

emotional state change

If and when a state crash occurs, recognize what happened and mentally and practically prepare for it next time. For example, communicate with an enemy or a former girlfriend about which days to goto a venue so you don’t run into them. Plan to go with friends so their presence is not as disturbing. Learn to tune things out that do not help your situation or increase your state.

Usage: State crashes happen in set, expect them, and plan ahead. You also get used to them over time.

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