State Control

AKA “Vibe Control”

Quick Definition: The ability to control one’s own state or the state of a target.

Full Definition:

State control is a concept that PUAs practice in first becoming consciously aware of their own logical and emotional state when going out or attempting to seduce. It also refers to controlling the state in others. This is particularly important in a loud dance club venue, where emotional stimulation is strong.

There is a concept in the seduction community that describes women as beings that are drawn from energy in the environment. On the other hand, men are drawn towards the direction and strength within himself. To this extent, most women in loud night clubs have a heightened groupthink mentality and are focused on the lights, music, sounds, smells, and the whereabouts of her girlfriends. State control deals with this reality by understanding how emotions affect behaviors in both men and women.


Troy D has one of the best state control vibes I have ever seen.

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