• State Change

    by AlphaWolf & Co.


    AKA “State break”

    Quick Definition: A noticeable change (positive or negative) in the emotional state of an artist, target, or group.

    Full Definition:

    State changes occur when a there is a significant shift in the emotional energy of a person or group. This can refer to a PUA pumping a girl’s BT, making her more prone to kino escalation and extraction. State changes alone, however, are not enough to create long term attraction. But a girl whose state has gone from lower energy to highly emotional will be more open to seduction.

    Similarly, state breaks can occur when an emotional event suddenly turns logical or personal in a bad way. Forgetting the condom and looking for it for 5 minutes is a common state break during LMR. A PUA may find himself arguing, logically, over why a girl should sleep with him. These are dangerous state breaks.

    A charismatic speaker, such as President Obama, can reach both the audience’s emotional and logical minds. A master artist similarly practices his craft so that he can reach and control to emotions of the crowd.

    State change can also occur in the artist. Many PUAs find themselves tired or in low spirits when sarging on a weekday after work. Anchors can be created to initiate a higher state. Physically jumping, clamping, or otherwise moving can increase blood flow and allow for a higher emotional state to take over. Body and mind work together.


    You need a state change now! You can’t go out like this in low spirits when we have girls around tonight.

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